Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts..


How do you go about meeting people?

Most of the people I meet are through my friends or coworkers. Usually in a five minute or so conversation..and then some discussion with my friends I pretty well can size up on whether I can continue a friendship. It's been very rare that I've met someone through a friend that I don't like.

In the past few weeks I've met some people (either online or face to face) and I think I have to admit that even though I'm almost 42 (yeah I can admit it) I'm still pretty shy when it comes to talking to people. I guess it's hard to explain but the easiest way to do it is that I'm really not a fan of rejection. I don't know why but I take those things personal.

When I meet someone I really make an investment in that person to get to know them. I think that's probably why I can meet people and how people are attracted because honestly I really do care.

Is this true? Well, onto something else...

The Seminole Sound Alumni Band is over for the Holiday Breaks. I have to admit this was the best year ever. We had so many people turn out for all the games and people even traveled into town to do this. I was able to spend time with some really good friends from long ago and meet some really nice people which I hope will continue to be a part of what I've started for a long time to come. I want this to be something, just like Homecoming, where people can come back and feel like they can be part of something...and I think it's been a success. Thanks again guys. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

I've taken an investment into some other items of my life that have been lacking. I'll be discussing these as I go through it. One of the things I'd really love to do is.....

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets...and the Thick Blankets are needed this week!!


onceuponasunflower said...

I have no idea how to meet people besides meeting them through friends or work. I mean, people think you're a weirdo if you just walk up to them and start talking in a public place.

"Oh, hi there. I like those kinds of books too. We would be great friends! Here's my number. Call me. We'll hang out."

Fat chance on that working out.

Denise said...

I like to meet new people through my already friends too. I've found that even if it doesn't work out, as ong as you're mature about it all, it makes for more fun group activities. It's fun to go to a party where you only know a few people, but It's also a lot of fun to hang out with a group where you know everyone at least a little.

Alan Arbelaez said...

Hi, i was checking blogs at random (via the "next blog" feature) and came across yours.

Reading your 'tuesday thoughts' post made me re-think how i approach meeting someone. Usually i ask a few questions and if i don't get a bad vibe i qualify them as someone that could potentially become a friend. I never thought of asking my friends and coworkers about them and weighing on their thoughts to judge if someone can become a friend however. Seems like a good idea.

Anyway, truth is i really wanted to start getting more involved in the blogger community so i thought i stretch out my comfort zone, and its good that i did. You have a nice diary-blog. cheers!


Anonymous said...


Time is the one thing we can never control
The clock is alway ticking
Fast or slow
It forces us to lve in the moment
Time ravages our beauty
More powerful then anything
It is always there
Makes us older
And it eventually turns our bodies
To dust
And yet we can not live without time