Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts


The past couple days I've spent reconnecting with my High School sweetheart (when my Internet Connection worked..). I call her that because..well..I can..and because she was the first person that I really loved...or at least what I called Love back then. It's been really nice catching up on her life, telling her about mine and just acting like old times.

Sometimes it takes time and distance to realize the special bond you have with some people. I know that her and I will always be friends, give each other crap about the littlest of stuff and be the shoulder to cry on if something serious happens. I know I can't be her knight in shining armor coming to save the say but at least I can be that person to comfort her and let her know everything will be okay...and it will be.. :)

It's a shame that other people that were in my life can't be that close. As someone said, "Time heals all wounds", but in that case..I seriously doubt it....anyway....

It was also good to hear from a friend I hadn't seen online in a long time. I had finished up a conversation with my "little sister" and I saw her hop on. I shot her a quick note figuring I wouldn't hear from her and a little while later...poof...she shot me a note back. It was REALLY good to hear from her because I know she's been dealing with a lot and virtually handling it alone. I'd like to be around to help but maybe with that nice chat she may come back on and we'll chat more....Take care my friend!! :)

Well the past few days I've been dealing with Comcast on an internet issue and I would like to say that it was resolved completely today. The guy that came out was so cool. We talked and he went over all the problems I discussed and we found out it was the cable modem. I hated it because I'm going to have to pay for a modem but he hooked me up.. :) I wish him luck on his job interview at FSU. He's going into the IT field over in Admissions and I really hope he gets the job. Anyone that can talk Geek with me and laugh when they opened Google Chrome and saw my recently closed tabs is alright with me....btw....if you use Google Chrome and you have someone come over and use your desktop..always remember to clear your cache or there might be an embarrassing moment... :)

Anyway....I need to go. I want to say goodnight to a few people and finish up a spreadsheet.

Oh...I did have one confession I wanted to make before I went to bed. I guess I can say it now with complete certainty. I really think I'm starting to fall...well...I'll end it here.

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets!!


ComcastCares1 said...

I am glad Comcast issue is resolved now. If you need more help, my team is here to help.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

platinumroxxie said...

Wishing you the best with your new connection from the past...do you think it could ever be something more?