Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm how old again??

It's been a while since I've written anything, or at least anything that's being published on the blog. Since today is supposed to be the one day you reflect on the past and receive congratulations and wishes I figured I would take a little time to write something to post.

Only 2 times in the year I tend to think about the past; St. Patrick's Day and my Birthday.

St. Patrick's Day 2001 was one of the happiest days of my life. And it was more than wedding day that I was celebrating. On that day I was able to bring most of my close friends together (sorry Jim and Rachelle) together to celebrate what I considered a crowning achievement in my adult life. I have done a lot of things in my life before that day but I could honestly say that I was more proud of that day than any work or personal goal that I had reached at that time. You think that the day you get married you're finally being grown up and a responsible, productive contributing human being....and things were "good" in my life. I don't have to, and won't, rehash the details, but let's just say celebrating that day had been pretty hard for me. Then enters my sweetie a couple years ago. She helps me to realize that life is more than just one day. It's a collection of days, good and bad, that makes up the character of who we are. Last year we decided to visit some friends of hers in Myrtle Beach. Now honestly that was probably the last place in the world that I would have expected to spend "that day", but that was the first time that I completely forgot about the past, that I was married on that day, that it was just another day and I was spending it with good friends and creating new memories. I owe her big time for that. Fast forward to this year...I woke up alone and then all the feelings and everything just pours back and I feel that I took a big step backward to a place I didn't want to be again. I sat back and had a big realization that yet again life is much more than one single day. I then went out with an old friend, made some really nice new ones and again forgot about the past. That day is always going to be there whether I like it or not, but now I am choosing to embrace that day and look at it as a chance to review the past, but now make new lasting memories, friendships and adventures....

Thanks guys.You made an "old man" smile again...and I lost my voice in the process!!

I'm also not a big fan of birthdays. I could always remember growing up how much fun it was to have the party, friends, the presents, the cakes...the things that just seemed important back then. In college it was the parties (can't really speak on those), spending the day with friends...the things that just seemed important back then. Now to me it's just another day and I try to be as low-key as possible. I usually take the day off of work, but I don't do the cake or the party or anything like's just reflection, processing the year that was and making plans for the next year and doing yardwork or housework. Then enters my sweetie a couple years ago...She helped me to realize that this day is special and it's about me and it's about your friends and family taking the time to acknowledge you ARE another year older. I still don't like getting gifts nor do I really like people pampering me, but I haven't learned to appreciate it again..because you never know when it can be your last one.

Thank you all for your well wishes. Even though this day was long and difficult, I did have a great birthday...thanks to you.

Peace, Love and Thick Burgers!!!

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Carol said...

It was really nice reading your post...and good to know that you had a great birthday...and also visit my blog on Birthday Greetings sometime for some more birthday fun and resources!!!