Monday, January 15, 2007

Random Monday Thoughts

  • I've heard so many people say that today is a "Black Holiday". Just what the hell does that mean? It's amazing that in 2007 we are still acting like idiots. Dr. King preached unity, harmony and peace. Let's remember that and move on.
  • Why do so many people say hi to me when I walk down the street? Is it because I look like a "non-threatening" Black Man...or do I just look stupid when I walk?? Inquiring minds wanna know...
  • I hate beets.
  • With all the things that happened at work last week, the most that I feel sorry for are the support staff that are caught up in the middle of it. I've gotten to meet and spend time with them. They are good people. One of them moved from Miami and sold, or in the process of selling his place and the other one just left a really good job to come work for us. It sucks because even though the $132K employees are the scapegoats for our new Governor, 4 other people had their lives shaken up in one day. I just hope things turn out for the best.
  • I am very happy that Crossing Jordan and 24 are back on TV. I have a crush on Jill Hennessey so my stupid fantasies are fulfulled again. It's a very good show and I highly recommend it.
  • I have learned in my 38 years on this rock that no matter how far you travel, how many people you meet, friends you make...home is closer than you think.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt has got to STOP showing off her boobies in Ghost Whisperer. It's driving me crazy!! Sure they look fantastic and I might have had one of 5 dreams about them, but here's a thought from me...either do a movie where you show us everything or jump off..I've had it!!
  • Countdown with Keith Oberman is actually a pretty good show on MSNBC. Some of his other shows have sucked eggs, but I think this one is really "spot on". I hope they keep him around for a long time...If Glenn Beck can be on CNN Headline News, then Keith can be on MSNBC.
  • I treasure my friends more than people think I do. There isn't a night before I go to sleep that I think of everyone who has touched my life in one way or another and ask that God keeps them safe and has them wake up the next morning so they can possibly spread their Love and Joy to those people that they are close to. I hope people do the same for me, but if they don't I completely understand.

Good night everyone...I love you all...even the ones that's ever hurt me.

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mcg said...

Sorry it's been a while. Some thoughts on your thoughts:

-Above and beyond Jan 15, there is the entire month of February. I don't get it either. I'm racist because I'm white?
-You hate beets? I hate green peas.
-Countdown is good, but I get tired of him bitching about Iraq. For the Jackson trial, he had an ongoing 'skit' with finger puppets describing the day's events.