Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday Ramblings


I got a really cool bday card from my mother and I wanted to share it. I was going to post it last night, but I was so tired and my mind was racing with other things.

So, here it goes:

10 Wishes for Your Birthday

1. I wish you confidence: when things get tough, when you're overwhelmed, when you think of giving up

2. I wish you patience: with your own trials and temptations, and with others

3. I wish you an adjustable attitude: one that doesn't react, but responds with well-thought-out actions and feelings

4. I wish you beauty: within yourself, in your surroundings, and in nature

5. I wish you excitement: new things to enjoy and learn and experience

6. I wish you fun: laughter and smiles any way you can get them

7. I wish you companionship: people to share you happiness and sorrows, your troubles and joys

8. I wish you health: mental, physical, and emotional

9. I wish you peace: with others, yourself, and your environment

10. I wish you love: pure, unconditional, and eternal

My wish for my friends and loveones, new and old, is these 10 wishes not only for your birthday but everyday.

Peace, Love and Thick Burgers!!!

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Radmila said...

Happy Birthday