Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another wonderful Saturday in Tallahassee

Hello there!

It's been 4 weeks since I've placed fingers to keyboard so you might think I have tons to write about. You be the judge:
  • The roof damage that I spoke about last month is completely fixed. I'll have to place some before and after pictures up on the web to show you the true damage. Major hint...climb up or get someone to climb up on your roof and clean all the leaves...Leaving them up can be costly...tell that to my checkbook
  • I've decided to get off the anti-social kick. I have decided that going out with co-workers isn't that bad...Now I still won't go out with my staf, but I've decided to have "peer meetings" with some of the people at my office. We went out and had quite the nice bitch session. The evening even got better after they left...news at 11.. :)
  • Going to San Antonio is still on hold...(see Bullet #1)
  • My work environment is still in limbo. I haven't been pulled into the office to be told where me and my group are going. I wasn't supposed to tell them, but I've already let them know something was going on. One of the biggest problems I have working where I am is everything is so "hush-hush"...and people wonder why moral is so bad. Promote a sense of interaction, even if you don't give a shit about what they say, and staff will feel involved...but that's just me being a shitty manager.
As I sit here I think to myself, 20 years ago I was were sitting on a couch in Tallahassee spending one of my first weekends away from home listening to music pondering what's going to happen with my life. I had moved directly out of High School so I could get a jump on classes because I wanted to make Chiefs and from everything I had heard it took a lot of energy and time. 20 years later I am a little heavier, still sitting on a couch listening to music pondering what's going to happen with my life. I have visited many places in those 20 years, met hundreds, maybe thousands of people, had relationships, been married, divorced, bought a home, getting ready to sell my home and so many other things I can't even begin to talk about. Now I look at myself...I'm a divorced Black man with a pretty good job, long distance relationship that's going well and preparing for my 40s...yes, I said 40s.

Funny thing is that I still feel like that scared little black boy...and yes, I called myself Black...I can do that.

(I took another few days away from the blog to drink, travel to Orlando and to do things with my GF. This starts back up on 6/27)

It's amazing the thing that can happen in 20 years. Some of you can't think that far back as you might have been in your single digits then, but I can think back 20 years ago.

Do I have any regrets? I don't regret anything I've ever done but my only wish is that I would have been a father by now. I would like to think that I would be a pretty good dad and a great molder of youth. (yeah, right) I know that may or may not be in the cards for me, but I am almost ready to conceed to this...I said almost.

Since I started this blog I've been a pretty busy beaver. I've been all over the state partying, drinking and causing general mayhem. This will probably be my last big party weekend until the FSU-Miami game so I need to make this count. Tune in later for the results....

I have admitted on previous blogs that I am a MySpace Whore, but now I am starting to spread the wealth. I finally got a friend of mine to get interested into it. She had a space, but she never updated it or used it, but after a little coaxing she decided to put a pic up, then updated her profile, then POOF...she's hooked (she just got online now) Some people in the news has pegged MySpace and the new "Place of Ill-repute" for the Internet, but I have to tell you that I have met some pretty awesome people and I know that I have made friends for a very long time. Maybe some people that have no time for actual social interaction can use this place to get their jollies, but not me!! I actually miss the people that I haven't talked to in a while and I look forward to talking to people everyday when I can. It's like the cafeteria in high school...just for adults and using a PC. For those who haven't taken a look I highly recommend it...you will be pleasantly suprised.

This time of the year I am always stressed out because at work we are at the end of our Fiscal Year. I've seen nothing of numbers for the past month and frankly...I'm tired. I've done nothing this past month but look over budgets, fill out requistions and basically get grilled for every single dollar I request. THAT is the only part of the process that I hate. It's amazing that no one happens to look at the previous year and notice that my requests are the same...but then that would be forward thinking for State Government....oops..that's bitching.

I would love to tell a story, but I think I am going to save it for another time.

I need to prepare a CD for a student worker who is leaving the agency on Friday. He's going to work for GE in their human resource department in Los Angeles. I wish him good luck.

And with that...I am out!

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