Friday, July 7, 2006

Sitting on the couch ANOTHER Friday night in Tallahassee


Seems like this is something that is going to be a regular part of my life for some time to come. Friday nights, couches, listening to podcasts, IMing a friend about high heel shoes....sheesh. Do I need a life or what??

It's been a pretty lazy week for me. I've honestly only worked 16 hours this week..and I love it! Nothing new has happened on the work front...Ever since my CIO pitched me coming to work alone with the IT Dept, I've had supervisors come to me and ask questions about my job, people come to me and ask do you know what's going on and my staff starting to wonder as well. Seems like everyone else knows about my future but me...story of my life.

Stay tuned....

Personally it's been a pretty fun couple weeks. Drove to Orlando directly after work back on the 30th and had a great time with my GF and one of my good friends. Friday was fun in the sun at Daytona and watching the night Busch Race. I always enjoy going over there for the races around the 4th. If I had to describe the atmosphere of the day, it's kinda like a Saturday night football game at FSU with more noise than you can ever imagine. I can't believe the amount of alcohol I consumed that day, but like I've always said...if you can't have fun with friends...

Saturday was another busy day as I was supposed to meet some old friends that I hung out with when my best friend lived in town, but no one showed so I spent some pretty good fun time in Sea World by myself. I wouldn't think of being by myself in an amusement park would be fun, but I had a BLAST! People let me cut in line and were so nice to me...makes me wonder if I should run for governor... :) After I had my fun I drove to Tampa to spend some wonderful time with my GF and her mother.

Sunday we drove around looking for a part for her mother's PC (more on that later) and just spent alone time. We don't get that when I am there because she does live with her, so driving around town is something I really enjoy. We couldn't find the part so I let her know that she should order it Monday and then I left as it was raining really bad and I wanted to get home before it got dark.

Skip to today...

Work was incredible as I walked around, caught up on things that happened while I was gone and received my new Blackberry. I would never buy one of them personally, but I am hooked on it. I can do so much with it that I can't do with my personal phone so it's my contact with the outside world from 8-5. As I was getting ready to end the day I got a call from my GF that the part that she ordered didn't fix the PC and she was depressed. It sounded like I was being blamed for it, so I did try to end the conversation because I didn't want to be brought down and I knew there was nothing I could do for her.

I have always been the one that I don't try to let things bother me that much and if something doesn't work, go to Plan B. If I put all my eggs in one basket I would never be the "true" me. I will help her this weekend make a Plan B. I've had a Plan B ever since I knew the computer was down.

This weekend is full of fun. Rebuild server for myself...finish PC for mother and laptop for neice and decide on whether I give my server to my GF's mom...Isn't that exciting??

Well, I hope that I am back to writing fulltime again on this blog. Work has been stressful and this was my release, but the last thing I've wanted to do is get on a laptop and type, but I think this therapy will be good for me...and believe me...I've got some issues to resolve. With the political climate of what's going on in our world and other things..this should be fun again... :)

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets....

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I can't help it that I love shoes!