Saturday, May 20, 2006

Saturday Observations from Cross Creek Circle


Sitting here getting ready to watch the NASCAR All-Star Race I've noticed a few things this week:
  • I will NEVER go to the Subway on Apalachee Parkway again. They have moronic teenagers working there and obviously working is not their prime objective. I was there almost 20 minutes waiting for a sub AND for someone to give me a lid for my drink. What's wrong with the youth of today?? I'm starting to get worried.
  • Work is about to change for me...again. I feel a reorg coming. My job isn't on the chopping block, but I feel that my position, and employees will be moving out of the IT section. For them I don't think it's that much of a deal, but for me professionally it's going to suck. I had some IT goals set for myself for the next couple years and this move will put a damper on it. I'll keep you posted.
  • My plan to go to New Orleans/Texas has been put on hold. I had some major roof damage, not to my knowledge, that happened in the past couple weeks. After calling roofers and drywall people...the damage to my checkbook is bad, but not as bad I thought. At least I have a Home Equity Loan...
  • Speaking of Loans, I've always thought that I have shitty credit. I got one of those offers to transfer my credit balances to one of those cards with a lower card with no interest for an extended period of time. Well, I took a shot and said, what the hell. I got the card the other day...and the balance...well let's just say...if I wanted to buy the new Mustang GT...I got it with money to spare. Would I do it...HELL NO. (well, maybe after I sell the house and down size)
  • I LOVE GRILLING!! With the great weather we've had I can go out and grill again. I've decided to go back to my roots and grill with charcoal instead of gas for this summer, but in the fall I will be buying a new gas grill for my new back deck.
  • Speaking of back decks...I decided to clear some of my yard that I haven't touched in years. I have to admit, I will miss this yard when I eventually leave, but I won't miss mowing it. Once I get the new roof placed on I will entertain more.
  • I've noticed that I have been antisocial lately. I think it has to do with my new duties. Instead of being a manager I've had to put out so many fires that it's starting to make me hate work again. After a nice talk with my director yesterday I think we came to some common ground and I think she understands my place in the world.
  • Speaking of place in the work has also soiled my relationship as well. I know I love her and K loves me, but I will admit that my work has stressed it. I promised that I will do better.

It's amazing the thoughts that run through your head on a's even worse during the week.

Love you all, expect 2 of you..and you know who you are..but you won't read this anyway. Fuck you both.

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