Sunday, June 12, 2005

Deja Vu....

Seems like I am doing the same damn thing I was doing a week ago. I was sitting here on the couch getting ready to watch Nascar and now I am doing it again. Only difference is last week K was coming here to see me and today it's Jim and Roxy.'s been a wild week, but very fun none-the less. Spent the first half of the week working my tail off and after Hump Day I was with my K in Jacksonville enjoying spending time with her. We had a blast hanging out and I hope for more quickie trips like that in the future. I spent Thursday while she was in the office out on the Golf Course playing with a retired gentleman and a moving truck driver. I didn't embarass myself too bad, but I've learned with age comes wisdom. I learned so much in playing with these guys and it was by not saying a word. You've got 2 older guys and they were playing in the 80s...and I've been only playing for a couple years and I'm in the 100s. One thing the retired man told me was to play smart. It's something I haven't done lately, but it hit home then. After I got back we went to St. Augustine and had a great dinner at the Conch House...well at least one of us did. When she got her meal and I got mine it looked like she just lost the lottery...I felt bad and tried to give her some..but come meal was yummy.. :)

Friday I had a whole day planned of being a Mallrat and hanging out, but the bed was so comfy that I didn't leave the hotel until she came back. She was able to get off early so we went to Jax Beach and playing Mini Golf at this entertainment place...kinda like The Fun Station, but it had a Water Park attached to it. We had an awesome time. I only beat her by one in the first game and we tied in the second game (and NO I wasn't trying to lose..she was beating my ass) I was really glad that we didn't play a 3rd game as the skies opened up on us. We stopped by Friendly's on the way home as the loser had to buy ice cream and we vegged out until the evening. We were going to try a movie, but we both really wanted baseball so we took a stab at going out to the Baseball Grounds near Alltel Stadium to catch the Suns play the Mudcats. As we were walking into the stadium some ticket taker asked if we bought tickets. We said no so he offered up his seats for the game since his wife was down in St. Augustine for the evening. He must have thought we were a pretty cool couple to give them to us. We both thought we would end up with really crappy seats, but when we got in we were pleasantly suprized...right along the 3rd base line behind the dugout. Totally awesome seats. At least this game was better than the FSU-Florida Series...and after the game there were fireworks...and I mean at the ballpark thank you.

Saturday was a really lazy day and neither one of us wanted to leave, but I had cat responsibilites for a friend and she REALLY needed to get her rental back and bond with her mom. We did the breakfast thing and said our goodbyes...I've been hating to do this lately as I'm really attached to her, but it's something that has to happen since we're long distance. From the dinners to the talks to the morning makers it's been really fun spending time with her. It will be a little while until we see each other again, but thank God we have Nextel.

This week will be really busy at work, but you know..I don't really care. Maybe some people will grow up. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see my friend that was burned in a grease fire. It will be good to see him.

Well the race is starting up, so I git.

P.S. Good week of TV. So..I might not be that social. See ya!!

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