Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Crack is Whack!!!


What the hell is wrong with my city? First, yesterday morning I find out the starting QB for FSU was Baker Acted and thrown into the Mental Ward in TMH and then I find out later in the afternoon the coach of FAMU was fired for "NCAA violations". What the hell next...Bobby Bowden in a love affair with Chris Rix? at 11...

Anyway, I've had a great couple of days. My friends from New Orleans came up from a wedding in Miami and stayed with me Sunday night. I would describe what happened at the wedding, but I cannot do it justice. We drank a bunch and talked about the wedding and all the old times. It was really cool and I enjoyed their company.

On Tuesday my best friend Mark's wife came into town with their daughter and De's niece. We hung out at Tom Brown Park with her friends and then went to TGIFriday's and shared dinner with them.

This morning was pretty much like any morning. I came into the office and started chopping away at the pile of work on my desk and my director caught me at the copier and asked me if I could meet with her later. I said yeah, but after I moved some phone lines. I was later caught again by my director, but this time I was cornered by my boss and our CIO. We met and basically I was told that I was now a Telecommunications Supervisor and I am in charge of the Imaging Center....what can I say but WOW.

It's nice that I get my insurance for free and I get more money and my Annual Leave and Sick Leave straight up, but it sucks because now I am not going to leave least for a while. I wanted to get out of town so I could get closer to my K and be near my friends, but I guess a hold is happening for a moment.

Oh..I didn't even talk about something else that happened on Tuesday...I was sitting in my office talking to my K and I got a call from the security station. They told me that I have flowers. I asked were they sure and so I went up and picked them up. They are so pretty. I have them in my house on the table. If I get a chance I'll put up a pic.

Well I am listening to Between the Ropes, so I better get going. Talk to you soon.

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TIm said...

To quote Lazlo, "Well, then, I'm...happy and sad for you." Congrats on the yob news! I hope it makes it easier for you to travel a bit more, and that it doesn't suddenly make work start sucking. Most of the time it is good to be the king, but not if it doesn't make you happy, man. I wish you da best, you know that. I need to get me some more skills so I can get off the damn phones. *sigh*