Saturday, June 4, 2005

What a great start to a Saturday...


Just sitting around the house cleaning, doing laundry and getting ready to run a bunch of errands, so I figured I would put down some stuff.

I haven't been home for a weekend in a while, so it's actually nice to spend time just taking care of home things. I got a flyer from a realtor that sold a house down the street and I'm going to have her come over and take a look at the place to see what I can get for it. I like having a house, but honestly not this one. I am thinking more along the lines of a townhouse. It's more my speed and maintenance savy. Once I see what I'll be getting for this place I'll be looking into somewhere to rent to possibly own. I want to live in the same area and there are some places I've been interested in. I'll keep you posted on what transpires...

Just got a call from K. She's been a busy beaver (no pun intended) working around her mother's place before she comes up to see me. She had a pretty tramatic experience this morning. Seems like her vacuum caught fire and I guess she hit a momma spider and she opened and a bunch of babies poured out. Thank God I wasn't there or I would have completely freaked out and screamed like a girl. I'm not frightened by too many things, but spiders give me the willys. Let's just hope she doesn't bring any up here tomorrow...I have too many to deal with in my garage.

Received an email from my good friend Joy. Her mother passed yesterday. I know she had cancer and she went into remission, but it came back and it was very aggressive. She was in hospice so at least they were able to make her final days comfortable. I never met her, but it's always hard to hear about your friends parents or family passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

Speaking of thoughts and prayers, a good friend and golfing buddy David was in a grease fire last Sunday. He was burned pretty bad and he's not doing as well as I thought. I've been so busy this week that I haven't had time to express my feelings, but I am really concerned. I hope he gets well soon and I'll be checking in on him next week, as I don't work that far from his place.

Well, I better get the load of laundry out of the dryer and start another load for the washer, but I want to stop by Old Navy to get my flag shirts. Hopefully there is a plentiful supply of Extra Fat shirts.

See ya!!

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Alexa said...

If you're going to rent right now, you might want to try a lease option. If you end up buying the place you'll have saved all that rent money from going to waste.