Monday, April 4, 2005

I've got to get something off my chest...NOW

(You will have to excuse me. There could be some really foul language.)


I am so pissed right now I could spit. One of our operators went off today at our trainer because he thought, I guess, that maybe we thought that we didn't believe what he said. He had the nerve to get defensive when she told me about it.

Let me get something straight right now...

I could give TWO SHITS about what those guys do. In the end, it's their responsibility to get the work out, not me. I have a job and with all the other shit that's getting piled on me the last thing in the world I have time for it to think he, or the other operator, can get the work done. I have confidence in both of them, but our trainer was just asking me a FUCKING QUESTION AND WANTED MY INPUT.....JESUS!!! That really pissed me off to bring me into it. Had she not been around I would have completely gone off about it and I almost did once she left, because continued to rant about it. Tonight I am going to let this go by writing this, but if I hear it tomorrow morning I am going to say something and nip this in the bud because I don't have time for it and it makes no sense. I will put them both in a room together and if he has a problem, then he needs to let her know because her asking me a question doesn't make anyone incompetent in running a fucking machine. I am still pretty pissed...but I am going to let it go now....all I need are deep breaths.....I am so fucking over work I can't stand it....I think I might ask my trainer if they have any openings...This could finally be the straw.


Anyway, I had a really nice weekend. My friends Tony and Laurin came up Saturday for the 1st Annual Beer and Bourbon Bash. It's a party that our group..The Animals of Section B throw every year on the Saturday of the Miami Baseball Weekend. Well, since this year we are only playing Miami on the road, Clemson was as just as good as anyone to throw a party against. Plenty of alcohol and food and a great time was had by all. If I finish this early enough I will place the pics I took on my website. I need to upload some of them to my friend Drew, so maybe I'll take care of that first.

I always love seeing Tony and Laurin, they are like my best friends in the entire world and I have no problem saying that. I can be totally open with them and they can with me. When we get together weird things can, and usually, happen. Luckily this time it was really lame. Maybe next time they come up I'll take pics and show you....uh...nevermind.

Anyway, I feel much better. I'm still sick, but I got a lot off my chest this evening. Now hopefully I can get rid of this cold I'll be all better.


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