Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Is it Beer-Thirty yet??

Hi there.

Man, it's been a while since I've been on here. I could write for hours, but I'm not going to. I still haven't put up the ceiling fan in my guest room and I have guests coming this weekend.

I've had some fun since the last time I've written. I left town last Thursday night to start celebrating my birthday. I went over to Lakeland with Tony and to meet my friend John who was in New Port Richey visiting relatives. I completely sucked ass, but I'll blame it on the clubs.. :) At least I spent some good time with John.

Sorry...sidebar...what's a Golf Course without Cart Girls?? Strike 1, 2 and 3 on that place no matter how nice it was to play.

Okay...Friday evening I chilled out with Tony's wife and the kids and I ordered in from this really nice Italian restaurant. I was stuffed and was thinking about calling it a night, but I forgot I dropped off T at work because I-4 was packed and he was running REALLY late. I changed into some "lazy-out" clothes and picked him up , met his brother Greg and we went to the Orena. It kinda reminds me of Cheers..where everyone knows your name...even tourists like me. Well one Bass turned into 3 and then midnight hit and it was time to celebrate "the day". The shots started flowing and the next thing I knew it was 2am and they kicked us out of the bar. I love going there as I always meet someone new from Tony's work and they are always cool and most of the time pretty hot. No exception this time..(we'll discuss that later) Anyway, we went over to another friend of Tony's house and proceeded to have a couple more drinks and the next thing you know...4am.

Time for the Toker to get some shut-eye.

I roll over and it's 11am and Tony says...let's get out and take the kids and the wife to see some Baseball. We went over to Osceola Stadium to see the Astros take on the Cardinals....well..some of it anyway.

It rained...and rained...and rained...and then....the deluge.. :)

We did get a chance to see some of the major players on both teams before the storm so that was nice. I didn't know I could enjoy baseball hungover. I never do that and I am a season ticket holder to FSU baseball. We went back home and naps for everyone before Tony and I went to the tournament.

One of my friends, Jeff, decided to throw a poker tournament in my honor. I thought that was a nice chance to meet some people, drink some beer and play some cards. (too bad there were no strippers...I can only dream) As usual, I played too tight early and loose when I didn't need to. I made it over to the final table, but was first to get out. I was so short stacked when I came over that if I didn't double up early I would be gone anyway. I was glad to get out, I had a chance to smoke a cigar with my friend Paul and we caught up. I basically grew up with Paul and his brother Mark, which is my age back in Milton. It was nice to catch up. Well, once Tony got pushed out we left and went back to the Orena to see if anyone was around and then went back home.

Now sometime through all this I started to get sick..and it wasn't alcohol induced. I woke up Sunday morning feeling like crap. Laurin took the kids to her mom's and Tony and I vegged out until he had to go to work. I was going to stay until Monday afternoon, but I felt so bad I just called it a weekend and drove back.

I was going to talk about work to vent, but I better just leave it alone or I'll start to get down.

It has been nice to catch up with a bunch of people in the past couple of weeks and reconnect with some other people that I thought feel off the planet. (and it's not who you think) Maybe in the next coming weeks I'll be connecting with some other people. (get to work on it, son) There are still a few people I haven't been able to talk to, but it'll come...I've got time.

Speaking of time, don't you think it's time for me to make some decisions? About a lot of things? Yeah, I know. Change is hard. I do know that in some regards I have changed, but some of them are a super huge risk and I haven't decided if it's worth it to me. I know there are a couple risks I do want to take. I'm starting one soon and the other one..I guess I'll have to wait for someone to help me out on that. If it comes...great. If's a shame...cause that's one risk I have no problem taking.

Anyway, it's leftovers tonight. (Jamaican Jerk Pork with Squash and Rice) and maybe I'll have a C2 for desert.

Emails work wonders....if you send get one back (hint, hint)

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets (well not thick's getting warmer)

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P.S. I am so sorry. I forgot to thank everyone for making my b-day weekend completely awesome. You guys are the best. From the phone calls, to the drinks, to even feeling up some chick I met at the bar. You made this one of the best b-days I've ever had. I can't wait to start returning the favors...

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