Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Is it Friday, yet??


I thought that I better get this past weekend on, or I would forget everything. Work has been awesome this week as we're being trained on our new copier. Our trainer is the bomb. She's really smart and helps us through everything. Watching her makes me realize that I think I know what my calling should be. I think I am going to take the time and talk to her more about what she does and maybe I can use some of my connections for a change.

Anyway, back to my homework assignment... :)

I left off Saturday talking about going back to the track. The drive was pretty quick and H&J dropped me off, so they could park and I could go buy a hat and a coozie for my beer. We met back up and went and found some seats between Turn 3 and 4 to sit back and enjoy the race. I think the next time I go to a track I wouldn't mind the General Admission route. We had great seats and could see the entire track. The race was exciting as you had an okay number of Cup Guys and then your normal Busch Series regulars. Tony Stewart drove a hell of a race, but Carl Edwards came out and dominated at the end of the race. Let's just say a lot of the race started to become a blur as the amount of alcohol in my system increased during the race. I didn't know how smashed & and I were until we started walking back to the car after the race....fast forward to driving back to their house...we both needed to evacuate, so we stopped at the Local Yokel Store and grabbed more beer for the drive back. We had to stop again before we got to the house (hey, I have a small bladder and I grabbed a 40)

I really didn't fathom how drunk I was until I took a shower before we went back out that evening. I finished the 40 in the shower and we went out and had a nice dinner at a pretty cool steakhouse. Funny thing though, as I don't remember most of the meal, except for the shitty service. After we were done we went to this cool bar called Crazy Al's. The last time I was there is was called PeckerHeads. I think H told me why they changed the name but remember...I had been drinking.

Drinking can be really fun except when you meet someone and actually have interest in them. I was introduced to someone that night at the bar. She was friends of H&J's and they were right...I would like her. Bad thing is...alcohol can effect your judgment and you tend to forget things..like talking. She had been in Tallahassee before so we had somethings to talk about, but then again...the alcohol. So, I think I might have screwed up slightly. Maybe I'll get a chance to make this right soon, so if you do read this...email me sometime and let me start over. I don't think you'll regret it.

Sunday was really long as we stayed up way too late and drank too much the night before. I was so hungover on the drive to the track I felt like puking at least twice while in traffic getting to the track. For those people that saw the race saw history so I'm not going to talk about it, but I am going to talk about something there that shocked me. I think that Atlanta Motor Speedway really needs to do something about security. You had these rednecks running up to the fence, I mean GRABBING THE FENCE every lap, to get "up close and personal" to their favorite driver. I like my driver, but I'm not dumb enough to run up to the fence. What if someone came out of Turn 2 and lost it up in the fence? You would have had a bunch of drunk, DEAD redneck and their children. I mean, adults can do what they want and if they die it's their fault, but don't put your kids in that same danger. I heard people behind me grabbing their child and saying, "Come on Boy, let's get up to the fence!"

Just plain stupid.

Anyway, the drive back to Tally was stupid long and I passed out as soon as I got home, even with all the tire dust on me.

What a crazy weekend. I drank too much, met some really cool people (one I really hope to see again) and enjoyed some racing...I wonder what'll happen this weekend since my B-day is on Saturday??

I'm sure you'll hear all about it.

See ya!!

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Anonymous said...

For your party I predict . . . Alcohol, Poker, more alcohol, OBT/Tampa??, more alcohol. Just a general good time.