Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Random Crap for a Tuesday..this IS Tuesday right??

  • I was invited to take part of a survey involving Ethics in Blogging. Some mighty interesting stuff...another interesting thing is that someone actually read my stuff to submit it for this survey. You can click on this link and it will take you to the school in Singapore that's conducting it.
  • Drinking on Friday nights should probably be ceased if I am going to continue to live in this town. I am WAY TOO OLD to hang out like that and drink that much.
  • Income Tax refunds are a good thing...
  • I don't mind being divorced, but the only problem I have with it was I wish she would have divorced me in a bigger town where the dating potential is better. I am very picky, and here you either have drama-filled State Worker or College Kid with all body and no brain or Highway 20 trailer trash, but I like getting a paycheck from Tally for the moment so that is what I am stuck with.. Geeeesh!!
I dated right after the divorce..actually banging before the papers were signed, but somehow this person thought that I would be ready to walk right back down the aisle pretty quickly. I hadn't even taken down all the shit in the house before she was talking future. Basically I needed to bang straight for a couple months first before I was ready to actually think about a relationship. Obviously this didn't sit well with her. I really cared about her because we had been friends for a while maybe something could have happened, and it sucks that we don't speak anymore but oh well...things happen.

  • Tivo rocks, but don't have a problem or question for those assclowns. After you sit on the phone for at least 15 minutes they try to make you think you're an idiot to make you hang up. Little do they know this is one idiot that loves to bitch..A LOT. I have put Tivo Customer Service on my ever growing Shit List and they will rue the day they EVER messed with me.
  • Ticket prices were raised for FSU Football and Booster Membership. I am really making some hard and fast decisions on whether FSU sports will continue to get my money. I don't know what I am going to give up, but it's going to be something.
  • Ever had one of those days where you feel you got everything accomplished and then you sit back and noticed that you still have a pile of crap to take care of?? Join the club...
  • Someone found out my other blog today. They sent me a note. I am scared to death...but I like it.
  • www.godaddy.com
  • Someone noticed at work today that I am losing weight. Take it from me people, walking DOES work. If you can't tell, I am picky. I still haven't bought the weights for my bench yet because the prices are all wrong. I did find a nice sale this week, so it could happen tomorrow. Once I start working out..it's on! I don't want a 6-pack, I just want to get rid of the case around my waist. With it warming back up for a couple days I have taken full advantage and either jogged early in the morning or after dinner. It really clears my mind from a crappy day or gets me revved up for the new day.
  • I love Netflix. I recommend it to anyone that rents from either Blockbuster, Movie Gallery or anyone of those video rental places. You never have to leave the house, you get the same DVDs that all the places have and you can keep them as long as you want. If you spend more than $20 a month I recommend it.
  • I just noticed that I need to get laid soon.
  • And one last thing....it IS the tea (really obscure joke. Some might get it, most won't)

It's so fun to write to the world. Sometimes I can make absolutely no sense and sometimes I can say the most meaningful stuff on the planet but one thing is for sure....At least I am not BD or SW...

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets!!!


live-on-the-weeki said...

Of course it is the "Tea." It always has been.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You and John swore to me it WASN'T the tea that night...;) [Your long-missing brother Tim]

Toker said...

It's always been the tea dude...thanks for reading!