Thursday, February 3, 2005

It's here...It's here!!!


Another roller coaster ride of a day today. It started pretty bad with me actually having to work.

It's not what you think. It was manual labor.

I am in an office most days and I don't like moving furniture or stuff like that unless I am in jeans. Well, I got a call from a person up on the Executive Floor to move furniture downstairs to have it cleaned....seems like when the purchaser called someone out to clean the stuff that they didn't bring any dollies to grab the stuff and it would cost an extra 20 bucks...let's extra 20 bucks or me ripping my clothes and I have to pay for it?? What would you choose?? Anyway, I took care of that, but I did get to meet the Commissioner's secretary officially. I've seen her off and on since she's arrived but never had time to talk. She's a really nice person..cute too.. ;)

Another good friend has worked their last day with me. She's going to get married in March and needed to get stuff done and actually get ready to move in with her husband once they are hitched, so today was it. I really hate to see her leave, because she's been a really good friend to me but life goes on and you learn to adjust. She was one person (not the one, but one of a few) that was there for me when everything with to crap in my life, so her friendship is really dear to me. At least we'll exchange emails and I am sure that I'll go out with them sometime before they make the big move to where ever they are going. I so wish them luck with their future. They are both very cool people, but I can't help to say that I will miss her at work.

Well, if today couldn't get any worse with her leaving, things picked up when I got home. As I pulled up I noticed a yellow box at the door.

It was here.

I ran through the house, changed my clothes and then opened the front door.

It was really here. My present was here....

Let me tell you, when J said that I would love her once it got here, she wasn't kidding.

J, you ROCK!!! This is the best present I've received in forever!!

Now I just need to take it to work so I can get it setup.

I am so pumped.

Well peeps, I need to get some sleep. It will be a long day tomorrow so I need to get to work...and setup my present.

J...You are the BOMB!!!

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