Wednesday, February 9, 2005


Ever had one of those times where you really want to be anti-social? For some reason, I am in this mood at the moment and I don't know how to snap it. Hopefully by the end of my rambling I'll be in a better mood. I'm going to try to write without having a beer, but I can't function without my C2.

Anyway, interesting day today at the slave mine. I did something I don't normally do. I actually worked today... :) I had some items sitting on my desk that I put off doing because that meant that I had to make phone calls. If my job was all paperwork or all dealing with people I would be fine, but when you have to do both it can become a drag. We just ordered 6 new cars for our fleet. It was the first time that I had to make a major purchase that wasn't technical related. I really thought I had screwed up everything, but it came back to me as okay and they faxed the order this afternoon. Now the major problem...when our Auditors get them they will be pissed...they are Dodge Neons. I tried to get them the Dodge Stratus, but that was shot down. Well at least it's not their personal car so they can get over it.. :)

On the personal side, remember the girl that I talked about yesterday (Wicked Wife) that found my other blog? Well, she wrote back and I think I am going to send her 20 questions. The questions that I can post I will place on here sometime soon. I won't even tell you guys what I am going to might think bad of me. Things are progressing nicely with the change. I started taking Green Tea in a capsule a couple weeks ago to help as an antioxidant...seems like it's working. The only set back is that's it is causing MAJOR GAS. I think I woke myself up last night it was so bad.. :) Hopefully this is something that won't last long as I am sure it's just my body getting used to taking something else. At least it's not St. John's Wort (yes that was a slam)

Well I am much better, but I am still going to be anti-social the rest of the evening..unless you IM me. I need to get my haircut tomorrow and take some pics for my webpage, so I might skip the blog tomorrow to work on my other sites.


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