Sunday, September 19, 2004

What happens in Toker's...

...stays in Toker's.... :)

Nice weekend. Can't talk about some of it because of confidentiality reasons.

The tailgate before the FSU game was really nice. The parking passes worked, as always and I had a great time with all my friends. Met Terry's brother, his wife and her friend (both women were hot). REALLY cool people and I found out some things that will make the next time they come down mighty interesting.. :)

The game was nice. I am sitting with an old friend this year instead of the girl I sat with last year. I just felt like I needed a change and she wanted someone to sit with this season. But now she has a boyfriend, and I am sure she wants to sit with him for some games, so I might consider giving my seat up this week or a couple weeks so they can sit together. I will either sit with a friend of mine or sit in another pair of seats that someone offered. I gotta get that figured out sometime this week.

You get that feeling when you feel awkward about something, feel like you want to say something, but you can't place your finger on it so you don't say it?? I've been getting that feeling lately..I don't know why but it's just there.

Maybe I am just going bonkers.

I think I drank entirely too much. I wasn't the loud drunk, but I know I was pretty bad off. I slept today until 10 and that usually doesn't happen. I said my goodbyes with my best friend and his wife and I tried to go back to sleep, but I needed to clean the grill (yuck) and get some other things out of the way.

Talked to my mother today. Things over in Milton are really bad. You can't even get to Milton from the Interstate because one of the bridges that crosses the Blackwater River is out. Slowly but surely things will get better this week. Her house isn't a total loss, but we won't know until FEMA and the insurance people tell us. My sister's mobile home is a total loss. My uncle's house is okay expect for one big hole left by a tree. They still haven't heard from my other uncle that lives in Pensacola. He didn't live in an area where there could be loss of life, but it's hard to sit around and wonder how he's doing. You really almost can't call anyone over there as all the phone lines are done and some people have spotty power. I am sure they will hear from them soon. One of my mother's best friends lives here in town and took over some supplies that I bought for them on Friday and some other things. When she called me this afternoon, it really hit home how bad things are. I am so scared to go back because I know I am going to be a wreck. I've been through hurricanes in the Pandhandle before, so I know what it's like, but I have never heard of the damage that everyone has been talking about. It makes you stop and really realize how short and precious live is and how important family is.

Well I better git. I don't have my work schedule for the week, so I don't know how often I will be on here, but it might be good to write something so I can keep my mind off what's happened back home.

Pray for them, please.

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