Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It all started with 3 words...

I miss you.

It was pretty much like any other Monday night. I was talking to my friend in Oklahoma and getting ready to sit back and watch Law and Order, then RAW. I was hungry, so I left the house and went down the street to Good Time Charlie's.

Man, I love that place...and the waitress too. :)

The gumbo was flowing and so was the beer as well. I am so glad that I live close to them (Don't drink and drive, kids)

Well when I got back to the house I basically missed L&O, so I was going to kick back and get ready for RAW, but I saw her online...I don't know what came over me, but with the "Liquid Courage" inside me I decided to say those 3 words...

I miss you.

I figured that I would never hear from her again. Remember a while back I said that I emailed her because I couldn't stand being blown off. I REALLY really liked her at one time and was wishing something would happen, but after I knew that she wasn't into me for a relationship I was more than willing just to be her friend as she doesn't have very many in Florida and I know what she was going through. I see her all the time online but I wouldn't send her anything, because I had pride, I had my convictions and I wasn't going to give in. But Monday I guess the beer clouded my mind, so I opened up a chat window and said it...

I miss you.

I wasn't expecting anything, but for her to go busy, or to go invisible and that was that, but I got a reply....

I miss you too...really I do.

And that started a conversation that lasted for a while where we both apologized for the things that were said, or not said....the things that were done, or not done.

We talked about alot of things.

She talked about how things are going down there. I talked about maybe I came on too strong and maybe we started things on the wrong foot.

We talked about a lot of things.

There was so many things I could have said..could have done...but I think at least we are back on the right path least as friends. If I can't have her in my life as something more, I don't know whether I couldn't have her in my life as a friend.

Like I said before I just want you to know this:

My offer still stands. I am here for you since I am closer than your family, so if you need an ear to vent, a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to go party with to let go...I am always here for you.

I love a friend.

Please say a prayer for my family. They are going through Ivan as you read this. I wish I could be with them, but it's better that I am here...or is it?

I love you guys..hang in there...God will see you through this.

Good night.

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