Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts


I'd like to tell a could be fact or fiction. Here it goes:

A man walks into a bar to watch a football game. He sees friends he's known for a long time and goes to greet them when all of a sudden he sees...her. When he laid his eyes on her he knew right there...she's "The One". Now this one isn't like "the ones" he's seen before. He didn't expect to meet "The One" today so he was completely caught off guard.

But wait..are you sure this is "The One"? You've seen other ones really need to make sure she really is "The One" or you're just going to get yourself hurt again..another false hope..another dream dashed...Go talk to her and see if she's real or she's just an impostor...

He sits down next to her, because magically there was a chair available. He introduces himself and she introduces herself...that wasn't too bad..but you gotta dig deeper man..don't just go off this..keep talking!! As they continue to talk they find out they have mutual friends and have some mutual interests..uh oh..this is getting better..but you can't just ride on this man...dig deeper!! They continue to talk. They share a few drinks..because drinks and conversations always go together. He finds out more about her..and they're in the same age range. Well hot the hell does someone like this fall into his lap? The Gods have obviously decided to toss him a cookie because he's not going to find someone else like this ever again. So..what are you waiting for? Ask her out...ask her to come with you..don't lose this person...EVER! Well he asks her out and she already has plans...shit..strike one, two and three...but wait...She gives him her phone number and says...let's get together sometime and do lunch or dinner. I really like you and I'd like to spend time with you. HOLY SHIT...JACKPOT!!

Fast forward a couple weeks...they get together for and hang out a couple times..maybe a couple lunches, hanging out with friends, a movie, he meets her kid...He really thinks that she could be "the one"...but now there are always complications. The "ex" bugs her, she has "things" to do, she's not available, she's hanging out with other friends..He's a gentleman and accepts the reasons for not getting together. He still thinks she's "the one", but maybe there's a lot going on so the timing is just a little off...he's good and he doesn't mind waiting...he knows in the end it will all be worth it.

Fast forward a few months now...he comes back to the same bar but he has a friend with him. Now this isn't someone he's dating but just someone that he drinks with. While he started going out he got back together her and it was like old times. She walks into the bar...she sees him with "her". The friend says, "Is that her? Isn't she the one you like?" He tells her yes and then she says, "You gotta go talk to her..tell her how you feel...tell her everything." He says..wrong place, wrong time. A few hours go on and then finally after enough brow beating he does walk up to her. She turns around and sees him. They hug, say their hellos and he says...I have something to tell you:

"When I walked into this bar sometime ago I knew from the moment I saw you that you were "The One". We've hung out, done things together..I met your son, I knew from that moment you and I have a chemistry that not too many people have. Hey, I know you have problems..I do too. That doesn't change how I feel about you. I want work. If you're scared about it....that's okay...I am too. But I know this..if I didn't tell you tonight you weren't who I want...I would be making one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. Yes...I choose you. Let's get together sometime and make this happen."

She's speechless. They stare at each other. They kiss. They stare at each other. They kiss again. It was like the world had stopped. It truly was magic. He had finally found someone and they were going to start a new journey...together.

Fast forward to today...He's not dating but that's by choice..or that's what he says. He walks into that same bar to meet friends. She is there. He's kept up with her off and on since he told her everything. He's barred his soul to her a couple other times, but nothing has happened. She's not dating anyone at the moment. She's had a couple boyfriends but things haven't panned out for her like she wanted. He looks over. He thinks...should he go over? Should he go over to just get rejected again? He walks over to chat with a few of her friends and then they look at each other:



How are you?

I'm are you?

It's good.

They hug...they hug for a good bit, but it's not the same.

Well, I have to go.

Okay..well take care of yourself. Maybe we should get together sometime?

We'll see.

He sits back and thinks to himself...Is she still "The One"? Could she still be everything you want? Could she be everything you need?

...Fuck this man...go drink and have a good time...

I hope you liked this story...and until the next time...

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets!!

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