Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Ramblings


One of my favorite things to do is tape episodes of shows on my Tivo and never watch them. Today since I had the day off I decided to catch up on a few shows I've missed. Along with Law and Order I've been taping a show on ABC Family called "The Secret Life of the American Teenager". Since it's been on a while let me break it down like this...It's the story of a 15yr old who plays French Horn who got pregnant after sleeping with one of the drummers at Band Camp. I've got some questions:
  • Who went "away" for Band Camp? I know our Band Camps were at school during the it must not be a FL thing. There were Drum Major Camps that were away, but not Band Camps....I dunno call me crazy.
  • Also, who's having sex at these Band Camps? Call me naive, but even during Summer Band I wasn't trying to "hook up" with anyone...or at least..I don't remember doing that...I am old!
Anyway, the story line is basically her life as she's trying to deal with teen pregnancy. It's kinda cute, like Gilmore Girls and I understand the message totally. It's something I watch to calm down from watching Law and Order and Law and Order:SVU.

I haven't started watching 24 because I didn't catch the 2 hour Redemption show and my Tivo didn't catch the last couple episodes. She (yes, I call my Tivo a she) is taping it tonight so I hope by watching online and what I have recorded I'll be caught up by next week...we'll see.

Man, the wind is really whipping tonight. I hope I don't wake up tomorrow to bone chilling temps but since it's winter I should expect it, huh?

I should think about getting some sleep but it probably won't happen soon.

I love you all...except a couple of people.

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets!

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