Thursday, October 23, 2008

Daily Motivator for Thursday


Well, Tampa didn't pull it out last night but a great effort was put in after going down 3-0. This team has a lot of fight and with the pitcher that Philly has tonight..well we'll just see what happens. 

Going to try a new bar this evening. It's called the Fermentation Lounge. They are doing a really cool Happy Hour and I want to do it tonight rather than go tomorrow because I have a ton to do before the weekend comes.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday and here is today's Motivator:

Bigger than you

Waves crash endlessly upon the shore. The heat of summer is relieved by the cool winds of autumn, then winter, then spring and summer again and again in an ever-repeating cycle.

The forces that make it all happen and keep it all going are truly awesome. Though they can be explained and understood to a degree, they are impossible to fully comprehend.

In this life there is much that you can influence, much that you can do, and much that you can accomplish. Even so, there are many other things about which you can do nothing but accept, experience and stand in awe.

Sometimes the best thing to do with life is allow yourself to feel its wonder and beauty. Sometimes it is helpful and even comforting to remember that there are things you can never change.

For by acknowledging what you cannot do, you more fully appreciate and utilize those things you can do. By accepting and valuing that life is bigger than you, your own perspective is greatly enhanced.

Life is rich and varied and awesome beyond anything you can ever imagine. So go ahead and accomplish all you can imagine, for when you're done there's always room for more.

-- Ralph Marston

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