Friday, October 24, 2008

Daily Motivator for Friday

Hi everyone.

Congrats to the Rays last night for beating the Phillies 4-2. Now the series goes to Philly Saturday so let's hope the Rays pull out some games so they can bring it back to St. Pete. 

Went to a new bar last night called Fermentation Lounge. It's setup on a row of condos down in an area of town that's going to be start of another revitalization of Tallahassee. The selection of beer and wine is very eclectic but its AWESOME. I had a great time and I've decided that I will start making this one of my new hangouts. Parking is hard to find, but it will be worth the wait if you're a beer snob like me... :)

I don't like speaking about politics, but this whole "Joe the Plumber" thing has really got on my nerves. McCain and Palin have been harping on this issue constantly hitting "talking points" but to be honest...they've not being honest. I'm going to post the ENTIRE conversation here and I want you to listen to the conversation. You'll learn a lot more about Obama than you think...and I actually did my research...Joe would actually end up better off in Obama's tax plan than McCain's. It's all about checking facts before you make your decision.'s the Motivator for today. If I don't post one tomorrow, please have a great and safe weekend!

Energy source

The way to get more energy in your life is to use it. Get yourself started, and you'll get the energy flowing.

The most powerful and sustainable energy does not come from outside sources. The energy you use to effectively get things done comes from the purpose that is inside you.

When you're engaged in something truly meaningful, there's no need to search for the energy to do it. That energy is with you in great abundance.

To plug any activity into your energy source, connect it to your authentic purpose. When you know without a doubt why it is important, you'll find everything necessary to get it done.

The more useful and valuable things you do with your life, the more energy you'll have available for even greater accomplishments. Take a small step forward, and you make a bigger step possible.

Put the energy you have into meaningful pursuits. And you'll soon be making even more.

-- Ralph Marston

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