Friday, October 31, 2008

Daily Motivator for Friday

Happy Halloween everyone!

Went to a another new bar last night (well it wasn't really new..they just changed the name and they're calling it a Sports Bar) and had a great time. 

Well I hope everyone has safe and happy hauntings tonight.

Here is the Motivator for Friday:

Whatever may come

What can you do when the situation gets worse? You can improve.

Life throws many challenges at you. And you always can respond in a positive, effective way.

It is wise to plan for the future and to prepare for the future. Yet there is no need to worry about the future.

Because whatever the future may bring, you will find an answer for it. Whatever events may transpire, you can craft a powerful and successful response that will move your life forward.

It may indeed be very difficult. And in transcending that difficulty, you have the opportunity to find great fulfillment.

Dream big dreams that resonate perfectly with who you are, and know that you will reach them. For whatever may come, you can make it work for you.

-- Ralph Marston

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