Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Ramblings..

Since I haven't written in a while I figured it would be safer for me to go back to "ramble mode" instead of talking about a particular item.'s goes:

  • Never say that you can't learn anything. Last night I learned how to play 2 new drinking games...Beer Pong and Flip Cup. I suck ass at FC, but i think now that BP will replace Quarters as my favorite game. It's like throwing darts but into cups of beer...and I have to admit..I think for the first night, I wasn't half bad...things to do next tailgate.. :)
  • Natural Light or Coors Light might also be the beer of choice to play BP. Try doing to Sam Adams and you'll see how long YOU last...
  • How is it that you can talk to someone for hours through instant messenging but you don't feel like talking over the phone?
  • To be honest..I like this Britney. Sure the bitch is about 10 minutes away from a train wreck, but she actually looked..normal. I mean come on..a little pooch never hurt anyone. Take it from me. Sure this was her "comeback" but you can tell she half assed, well full assed actually, through her routine/dance moves/whatever.
  • Note to Brit: IF you going to stage a comeback..make sure you can out dance your entourage...
  • Note to the freak that's made the videos about leaving Britney alone: Keep making them! I haven't laughed at someone directly with malice in a long time. I await your next diatribe.
  • My office is almost if I can just take care of my desk.
  • I wonder what a can of Whoop Ass really tastes like...
  • I wonder what a world would be without some kind of war...
  • Cats are cute when they eat, but probably not too fun when they're in the dryer.
Sorry, but that's all I got tonight.

Peace, Love and Thick Burgers!

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