Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I will never forget

I haven't written in a while.

Today is one of those days that I choose, no matter how tired, sick or frustrated at the world I am I take the time to write.

It's a day that some people say is just like any other day in your life but 6 years ago I think we all can remember what happened.

I know exactly where I was because I saw the second plane fly directly into the World Trade Center as I was at my usual seat in EATZ talking football with my friends.

And I knew everything changed that moment.

I called my ex wife, told her that I might have to stay late because I knew people from the capital would be coming out to work because it was their home away from home..got up from the table and said I've gotta go to work now.

I can remember that night, when the president explained the events that happened that morning and knew we were going to war.

I went outside to bring in the garbage can and just looked up and noticed that it was quiet...very quiet. I've always been in a world where noise is just always there but that night it was silent...deadly silent. I knew at that moment we are in the start of the end of the world as we know it.

Yes, a lot of things have happened since 9.11.01, some things I would soon forget, but today is one of those days I will never put out of my mind.

I can't...and I won't.

For those who lost their lives that day I take the time to remember you. For those who give their lives every day for me to continue to write in my journal I owe you a debt of gratitude and I take the time to remember you. For those who caused the horrible acts that day and those who continue to spread violence throughout the world there is nothing I can do for you but if ...well, mother tells me that God is not vengeful God, but you must make your peace with him.

I won't say God Bless America tonight...He blesses the World forever.

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