Saturday, July 7, 2007

Saturday Thoughts...


It's been a couple weeks but since I was waiting for UFC tonight and while I am watching the Pepsi 400 I would write a little bit.

I always loved the weekend of the 4th. It was a time that me and my friends would always get together and either go to Daytona or spend time with family and watch the race together. We had friends come from ways away to have a few drinks, share old stories and new and watch some really good racing. It's been different the past couple of years as we've all grown, moved and started on different paths. I know tonight most of them are together again and I wish I could be with them tonight. To you guys...I love you all and I'll see you soon!

Anyway, last weekend was really nice as Mom and my aunt decided to come into town to spend time with me. My aunt lives outside of DC and she hadn't been home since my brother passed away so it was nice to spend time with her. Mom hadn't been over in a couple months, as I was making the trips back to Milton. It was really nice being the host this time. Either grilling here at the house or at friends of my mother that moved from Milton here it was a nice relaxing time. We also spent time with my brother's dad. I know that he lives here in town but I don't talk to him much as he wasn't really in mom's life or my brother's, but I do know that losing Tyrone has still shaken him up. I don't know how much I will spend time with him, but I did give him my number and said call me anytime.

I was looking over myself while I was in the shower and I noticed that I have a lot of skin tags. I started to freak out so before I ran to the doctor I decided to do some researching on the Internet on what they are and why they happen. Well at least I don't have to worry that I have cancer, but honestly I can't stand them. They look gross and heaven forbid I scratch one. Anyway, not to gross you out anymore I am going to the doctor this week to check an see if they will remove them. I'll keep you posted....promise.. :o)

I've been wanting to comment on the Benoit family murder tragedy for some time. Everyone knows how big of a fan of wrestling I am and when I first heard the news a couple of Mondays ago I surely thought that it was a home invasion that took 3 lives. While I was watching the tribute show WWE put on that night some of the events started to unfold. At the time I commended Vince cancelling the live event and doing a tribute to Chris. Later that night even more information came out and we found out that it was a murder suicide.

Given that information it would be silly for me to think that Vince didn't know the whole situation. Sure he runs a billion dollar corporation but he doesn't know everything and I wouldn't expect him to. What I expect is the people that handle the talent did know that Chris was having problems and they tried to either get him help or pull him off the road so he could take care of it. Who knows what went through his mind when he took his wife's life and his son, but I am sure that had probably lost his mind.

One thing that's been going through all the news articles and interviews is the question of whether he was going through some sort of "road rage". I seriously doubt that was the case. When a wrestler dies, they think steroids, but what about the same person that kills his wife in a heat of passion or a woman that drowns her children in a lake. Do we need to have our government step in and look at wrestling? Maybe, but after this terrible tragedy Vince can look into his organization and fix it himself. When i started watching wrestling in the early 80s the "jacked-up" guys were a freak show and everyone looked like..well, wrestlers. As a society maybe we should look at the mental health issues that effect Americans and how we can help them and not shun them because of their problems. I know the effects of mental health problems and what that can do and believe me, we need our government to step in.

Anyway..enough of my soapbox for now..the Pepsi 400 is getting ready to start. I hope everyone had a great holiday and I look forward to hearing from all of you soon. I never ask for comments about my blog or any of my comments but I just want to catch up with my friends and others so please feel free.

Peace, Love and Thick Burgers!!

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