Monday, January 8, 2007

The times..they are a changin'

Today has been an interesting day for the Seminole faithful. After Bobby pulled the offer to Jimbo Fisher the Offensive Coor/QB Coaching Job Saturday we find out he was offered the position and has not accepted. Honestly I am one person that didn't really care who was the O.C. as long as it wasn't Jeff Bowden. We'll see how this works out, but I know that the offsense is going to change and Xavier now has a legitimate shot at QB. We'll see what happens.

Some of my staff and I sat down and talked about the issues of the weekend and some of the things that I did over the weekend and I talked about my "challenge". Now I didn't tell them I blog, but I did discuss the issues of the challenge and see if anyone would take me up on it. One of them was very interested and the others seems kinda reluctant. I then asked them, what would it hurt you to let some things go. No answer. It makes me think people love to harbor things just to make people either feel sorry for them or just to bring other people down. Why do we do these things to ourselves or other people? I hear so much at work that these people are "Good Christians". Didn't Jesus teach us to forgive and forget?

I truly wonder how good a Christian they truly are....I still love them...maybe I'll love them even more.

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