Tuesday, January 9, 2007

So, what IS the deal about this MySpace thing...

Evening all...

With all the negative press that MySpace has received in the past 6 months I would like to know what truly is the big deal with it?

Most of the people I associate with are answering silly surveys (which I am about to answer some later), talking about their lives by blogging and artists are drumming up people to listen to their music or get people to come see them play. (by the way...go hear Ginger Coyle or Alicia Marie sometime...their music is breathtaking)

There have been allegations of kids being abducted and it's a place where pedophiles hang out and search for new victims, but AOL IM, Yahoo, or MSN pretty much "fill the need" for these people, but I don't see people trying to shut them down. In my opinion, it boils down to how you raise your children. I always remember my mother telling me not to talk to strangers and in some regards I still follow my mother's words. Don't get me wrong..I have met people plenty of people on MySpace and I have some really good friends that I only talk to online, but there are limits...I wouldn't never go searching for kids..as I think I was raised with some morals and a difference from right and wrong. Now I don't think every perv had bad parents...maybe most of these people just have a chemical imbalance.

Parents, take the time to know what your kids are doing and maybe you can learn something...sometimes the people that your kids talk to are not what they seem to be.

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