Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday Whimpers...

Evening all.

Thanks for everyone that commented on my rant last night. After going back today and reading it I thought to myself that I was going to cause some major drama, but I am pleasantly surprised by the words. (thanks Chez for the nice note..that was interesting reading!!)

Before I end that rant I wanted to finish with the following comment:

  • I was getting my hair cut after work today (and I have to admit, except for my belly I look damn good today) and I was staring at the guy getting his hair cut in the other Barbers Chair (her name is Vicky..really nice lady, loves my Mustang and always chomps at my bit on when I am going to buy my new one)...anyway, She was cutting a man's hair. It was a really nice flat top. I have no problems with flat tops. Some of you may remember for a good bit in college I had one, so like I said no problem. I thought she was done with the guy and then all of a sudden she pulls out his mullet (yes I said MULLET) and she started to trim an inch of so off the end. When she was done he jumped out of the chair...and I was in total shock. I mean...people really, honestly still have these?? Obviously some one told him once that it looked good and it stuck...and I have no problem with that, but come on...Mullets went out a LONG time ago...and if he wasn't so big and could kick my ass in a country second I would have told him..but was my little amusement for yet another crappy work day in the live of the Black Man.

My sweetie send me a link today that I think bares reading. It basically deals with a bill that is going through the Florida Legislature that would make high school freshman to declare a major..for college. I know that this doesn't have a snow balls chance in hell to pass, but think about the ramifications for something like this. If this were to pass that basically means that public schools would have to set themselves up like universities where there are individual colleges for kids to focus (College of Music, Theatre, Business, etc.) With the pressures that kids have now a days you think having them choose a major when they are freshmen in high school is going to help? And think what that's going to do for teachers in the public school system. Most of them are teaching for the FCAT as it is and our children are not getting a well balanced education. Don't get me wrong, we took Assessment Tests and I took AP classes, so I took AP tests to get college credit, but our teachers never spent the whole year teaching for them. We may have taken a 6 week period, if that, to gear up for the tests...and I think I came out quite well and had enough credits to skip most of my freshman year of college (maybe that's why I was a fuckup early...but I digress) Anyway, go to the link above and take a listen and if you're a Florida resident, PLEASE contact your representative or Senator. This does not need to pass.

Well, there is not much else left to talk about except work and if I do that then I'll be downing 2 more Kahula White Russians...mmmm..those were yummy.

I still haven't decided on when I am going to talk about men and Porn, but it's coming soon. I wanted to talk to some people and ask questions before I lay the smack down.

Everyone have a nice evening and I love you all (well, except for 2 people..and you know who you are..)


Anonymous said...

Quit telling me you don't love me! You're going to hurt my feelings ;) Just kidding. I love mullets. They make me feel better about the way I look in a mirror. HA! Ok,no mullets for you, or anyone for that matter. Lets turn that proposition into legislation and that will mean we might finally pass something constructive through congress this year.

Back to work.


Rednole said...

You can never go wrong having more White Russians!

Anonymous said...

the more you deny your love, the more we know it is there in full force -