Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Everybody poops..but COME ON!!


In the past few days I've been traveling all over Florida. In my travels I'm trying now to drink more water to keep myself hydrated and to also help not getting fatigue. Along with all this, I have been stopping more at Rest Areas and Restrooms in my travels... know where this is going....


Is it that people just were not flat raised correctly? You can't even use the cliche, "Were you raised in a barn" because even in an outhouse environment there is one place to poop and you wipe it off and go away. I was always told to at least keep your area clean and if you did make a mess, clean it up..and ALWAYS COURTESY FLUSH. I think people have completely lost their mind. Do people just walk around with shit all over them? Hey, I know people have accidents, and I've done some myself, but at least I have cleaned my problems when I make them. What the hell is wrong with us??

I have to think, that with the modern conveniences of toilets, that we as Americans have evolved as a nation of clean people but I have stopped at some of the most disgusting places I have ever seen. I always have hope for Americans, but now that is fading fast...

Now I am not completely passing the buck totally. I know that I don't do this job, but attendants that are paid need to do a better job as well. Now if I was working as a custodian I would do the best job that I possibly could, but then again you have these people that don't care and don't clean either. That depresses me as well. Some people think it's beneath them to clean toilets...I know that if I had to do it I would do it and do it with pride, but hey..that's just me.

Anyway, I have Supervisory Training for the next couple days. Maybe during my breaks I will blog about the last week I've had..and it's been absolutely wonderful.

Peace and Love to you all...except those 2 I hate

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