Saturday, March 4, 2006

What a wild week it's been


Let's go over the events of the past week:
  • My K came into town and we had a GREAT weekend where we spent quality time together and then we went to a 80s themed prom. If I could post pictures I would, but I can't so I won't...
  • This was the about the worst week I've had at work. From the constant emails about "records retension" and us being short staffed and staying late Thursday until almost 11pm and constant belittling...good times!!
  • Yesterday I actually went out with some co-workers to Miller's Ale House...I had a BLAST!! It was really nice blowing off steam and letting my frustrations out about work and employees to people like me. After the release I was going to drive home, but then I decided to go a FSU Baseball game. It was late but it was nice going out there to see everyone again. I had a couplel beers with the gang outside, but they were off for bowling and food, but I needed to get home.
  • Today was really nice. I had a nice hangover and it took me a LONG time to get up, but then I started my normal Saturday duties, but then I said I need a day for me. I went to the driving range and worked on some stuff...I came back home and then and started laundry, but then some friends called and asked if I wanted to go to Harry's for dinner. It was nice again to spend time with my old friends.
  • As I sit here I've been watching Gimore Girls, Law and Order and Law and Order:SVU. I am going to finish up watching Close to Home and maybe end my evening with Ghost Whisperer or probably go to bed. I can continue the TV watching in the AM.
On that note I think I better hit the bed. It's been nice to release today and be Toker again. Hopefully with this release I can refocus my energy.

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets

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