Friday, February 24, 2006

Confessions ARE good for the soul...


It HAS been a while since I've had to think and write something down, so please excuse me if it's crap...It's been a long week.

A lot has happened since my last free-flow writing experiment.
  • I FINALLY refinanced my place. Not only will this save me a much of money regarding credit cards and other loans...MY EX'S NAME IS FINALLY OFF THE HOUSE!!! When I signed the papers earlier this month you would have thought a great weight was lifted. I feel like a new person. So, what did I do...
  • I bought a laptop!! I'm a pretty frugal person when it comes to spending (the lack of gifts given to my GF will let you know that) so I waited and waited and I found the one that I wanted, but then I didn't like the rebate, so I wanted one more week and they added another 100 dollars to the rebate...patience is a great asset that I have..along with a couple other things..but that's for another conversation...Now I have the ability to look at porn..well I the news from my bedroom and catch up with friends. Isn't technology wonderful??
  • I've started getting quotes on doing some things with the house. I am going to have one of the sides replaced with vinyl siding because the elements hit it so much and I will pain the rest of the place myself I think. I've also looked into some new(er) appliances in the kitchen and have a bunch of calls in to have some tile laid down in my bathroom and the guest bathroom. Once I have all those I'll be in good shape to decide what gets done first and what I should do to pay for it. I've got a 20K line of credit for the house, but if I don't have to spend it...I won't.
  • I decided to spend a little more on myself and I bought a new entertainment center. It's not Rooms To Go quality, but it'll do for me until I get Rooms To Go money. Honestly, the one I had was okay, but it was part of the "old" me. It was one of the first items we had together so it will be nice to put it outside for someone else to have it. I don't care to see it anymore.
Enough of the house stuff...I know you wanna know what's going on with me...
  • Work has been kicking my ass the past couple weeks. It seems that as soon as I make some headway I get more shit piled on. It starts to chip away at my fragile being.. :) I love where I work and who I work with but I don't do well with Micro-Management. I've always been in the mindset of let people do what you pay them to do. Give them deadlines and that's it. They'll sink or swim. People that have to look over your shoulder either have nothing to do or are afraid of losing their job. I've been here long enough to know that I am comfortable in my work ethic and output that there is no reason to fire me. If you wanna..go ahead, but look out for the lawsuit baby!!
  • Things with my K have been awesome. We celebrated Valentine's Day the weekend before the Tuesday and it was really nice. I haven't been able to see her as much as I had been last year, but it will come and go like that because of my new position. We're planning a trip in the middle of March to SC and it should be really nice..and loud.. :) I've had questions to why when I speak of my GF I will mention her as K and not her full name. It's a long story and honestly it's something I won't speak of here. I know my blog is called "Confessions...", but I don't confess everything...sometimes it's nice to have some secrets tucked away. It will always make for interesting conversation later on and it always keeps ya guessing what's going on in my head.
  • I will admit..I am still a MySpace whore. I don't spend as much time as I used to with it, but I can't help getting on a couple times a day sending bulletins or just passing notes. Someone had an interesting statement the other day. MySpace is kinda like High School where you're nothing if you don't have the hippest site with all the bells and whistles and if you don't have like a billion-trillion friends you like nothing. I can take it or leave it. I don't care to have a ton of friends, but the ones that I do have I actually TALK to....well except for Jenna Jameson..and believe me...I will soon enough. :) You won't see fucked up colors and shit where you can't even read what's on there...all you will find is a simple site with a nice color and me and my buddies and a link to this blog. See...when you eliminate drama you don't have drama.. HA!!
  • I've been talking to a lot of people in the past few weeks and I've been able to reconnect with some people that were in my past..even before Jeannie. It's been nice and I hope that this time we all stay in touch..hint, hint. It's amazing the things you learn in one simple conversation. The internet is a wonderful tool, but in the wrong hands it can be dealy. If you think about it hard enough it could turn your whole world upside down, but I am so level-headed and perfect that nothing like that can happen to me..(note the amazing sarcasm displayed by the Black Man...)
Well, I better cut this off for now. I have cameras and other things to setup for a meeting on Monday. Take care all my beautiful friends and I hope that you all have a great weekend!! (Well, except for one of you..but they'll never read this anyway)


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