Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lazy Saturday Rant


Happy New Year to one and all.

It's been a while since I've been on so I guess it would be easier to give a day by day account of what's been happening in my world.

Tuesday Dec 20: Went to work to run our Commissioner Conference and then came home. Tony was waiting for me and then we're off for Phoenix. Since we left around 3 we got a REALLY late start, so we decided we would drive as far as we could before we killed ourself on the road. He started the journey and got us all the way to the Alabama border. We pooped the dog and grabbed some food and then I took over. I've never driven a truck that big before, so I was a little nervous, but it actually drove really well. I drove us through Mobile and into Mississippi and then we got to Louisana. We gased up the truck and I continued to drive through New Orleans..or actually above New Orleans since we were concerned about I-10 and the Twin Span bridges. We pulled over after New Orleans and he took over and drove us from Baton Rouge into Texas. I kinda wished we would have had the chance to drive though when there was sun because the city looked really cool. It started to rain and I was glad he was driving, as I REALLY hate driving in the rain. He got us into Texas and then we decided since it was after 1a we needed to find somewhere to sleep. We stopped in Port Arthur, but that place was still ravaged from Hurricane Rita so there was no where to stay. We stopped to gas up again and I took the wheel and drove us to Beaumont where we found a Super 8. Time: 3a (4a Eastern)

Wednesday Dec 21: We didn't sleep that long and we decided during breakfast that we would get through the entire state in one day. We left Beaumont and trudged on. We drove through Houston actually during the morning rush, but since the city is spread out it wasn't as bad as we thought. I took some pretty cool pictures (I promise to get those on sometime) and we continued to San Antonio. Another city that was really nice and I wished we could have spent some time there, but we continued. Let me tell you something, after San Antonio...nothing...and I mean NOTHING. We both lost cell signal after SA and didn't get it back until somewhere between Fort Stockton and somewhere I can't remember. After driving all day and we pulled into El Paso around 8 or 9p. It seems like as good a time to stop for tonight and get a lot of sleep since we were close enough to make it the rest of the way on Thursday. We grabbed some authentic Tex-Mex food and passed out. It was really cool that Mexico was RIGHT THERE. We thought about driving across just to grab a beer, but that would have been crazy...or would it?

Thursday Dec 22: We took our time getting out of El Paso knowing that it was only 6 or so hours for us to get to Phoenix. I slept through the Continental Divide and most of the pretty mountain ranges. Tuscon was really nice and the next thing we knew, we were in Phoenix. We decided not to unload the truck until Friday morning..and since we didn't have keys to the house it didn't make any sense anyway.

Friday Dec 23: We got up and unloaded the truck and started setting up the place. After we spent most of the day doing that we decided to go out on the town for a little "boy time". I thought the strip clubs would be nice since it was a big city, but you couldn't even touch anyone, so that wasn't fun at all. I had a couple dances, had a few beers and a couple shots...then to bed.

Saturday Dec 24: All I can say is one thing...I'm sick...REALLY sick. I had a horrible day and after Mark and I drove around the city it got worse. I tried sleeping most of the evening, but then it was time for me to get to the airport and to be honest, I was in no condition. I put myself on the plane and tried to pass out, but I guess the 11pm flight is the screaming kid flight. From backing out of the gate until basically Dallas there was nothing but constant screaming. I can usually sleep through anything, but not that night.

Sunday Dec 25: Got into Charlotte and called my K and told her I would be there soon. I took some drugs and fell asleep on the floor by the gate until they called for my flight. Since it was a pretty empty flight I took the whole row and slept more. When I got to Tampa it was a nice to see my sweetie, but all I wanted was bed. I slept most of the day until the guests started coming over for X-mas dinner. It was really nice spending time and meeting her friends, but I really was in no condition and I was probably contagious. After everyone left I went back to bed.

Monday Dec 26: It was a nice day to do absolutely nothing but rest and spend time with K and her mom. I started to feel better, so we decided to come on back to Tally. As soon as I got in the got worse. The drive was nice cause the car was warm, but I think I coughed up more crap than I ever have in my life. We made it home safe and sound.

Tuesday though Friday: It was really nice to have my K here to take care of me. It was also nice to have her around, because I found out the battery cables on my car were shot so I had to get those replaced...ugh.

Well, that's enough for now. I will finish up everything in my next blog.

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets

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