Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday thoughts...


Just some random thoughts flowing in my head:
  • If someone sends you a friend request on MySpace, why does it take so long for some to approve of deny? It's just a simple yes or's not rocket science.
  • Tell me why are we at war again? It's amazing how we talk so much about Iraq, but I thought we were going after Osama Bin Laden. We know where he is, so why don't we just go there? We knew he wasn't in Iraq, so we bombed a country for what reason again? I might be old but I do remember what Bush said.
  • How is it that we talk about spending money for defense, but we have thousands of "contractors" over there making hundreds of thousands of dollars? Uh, why can't we give that to the military so they can do their job and we can get our brave soliders home soon.
  • How is it also that we talk about Homeland Security but there is a bill out there to cut back the Air Marshall Program? How is it that also scissors are being allowed on planes as well? People can't buy a pair when they get to their destination? What the hell are you going to do with scissors on a plane anyway?
  • If you have a chance, listen to Real Radio 104.1 out of Orlando. Their brand of Talk Radio is very interesting and they not only entertain, but they inform as well. Well, except for that redneck crap they play in the morning..but oh well, we all can't have what we want.
  • Is it wrong to fantasize?
Anyway, I had an awesome weekend. My K came to town to visit Friday night and she didn't leave until Sunday morning. We spend the weekend lounging on the couch and Saturday night we drove around town looking at X-mas lights. We drove past Bobby Bowden's house hoping to see lights, but there were alot of cars...maybe they were planning on Penn State..but I doubt it. She also made dinner and it was awesome. I still have wet dreams over it. I can't wait to move to Tampa. Now that the appraiser has verified the price of the house and once the refianance goes through I will get my work done and then it sale time baby!!!

Anyway, I better get back to work since that's what they're paying me for. Take care and maybe I'll write more later this week.

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