Tuesday, November 8, 2005

The Interesting World of MySpace and other things..


A couple months ago I remembered that I made a place on MySpace. I didn't think anything of it but a few weeks ago I received a request for someone to add them to my Friends List. I researched it and found out it was an old friend of mine from High School. It's amazing that this place, which some people have called a place for teens to hook-up, has brought me someone from my past. So..now I've added a link to it on my blog so everyone else can see it. What will become of it??

Stay tuned....

Got some news on Sunday that my best friend and his wife and the kids are moving to Phoenix. I am happy for them because it's an opportunity they can't pass up, but I'm saddened that my last best friend is moving cross-country. Those guys are like my extended family and it hurts to lose them, but sometime you only get one chance at something great so you need to take advantage of it. I know it's going to be a while before I get out to see them, so I'll be making the most of this weekend. It's really going to be hard to keep my emotions in check. It's hard now while I'm typing this, but as long as I keep positive it'll be good.

Also got some news that my brother is not doing well again. He was put back into the hospital because he's dehydrating. They've given him IVs and fluids and he's a fighter, but the hodgkins is really getting to him. It's hard because I know unless there is a miracle this will probably be his last Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm not as close to my family as I should be, but times like these makes me realize how important family is. I am super close to my mom, but not as close to my brother and sister. I just know that God will do what's best and if he's ready to take him he will and there is nothing to do but be happy he's in a better place.

Anyway, the Beer Festival is this weekend and I really need this. Then after that my K and I are going to Clearwater for some relaxation and some Sexpalooza...

I'll have pics of the festival, promise.

Peace Out!!

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