Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lazy Crazy Saturday


Today was supposed to be a day of yardwork and then going to watch baseball, but Mother Nature has reared her ugly head and I'm stuck inside today. At least my dirty clothes and my iron thanks me for staying home.

Anyway, yesterday was pretty nice as I sat through FSU blasting out Virginia in baseball. It was pretty boring, but my friend called me while she's on her vacation in San Antonio. That was really cool and I didn't expect to hear my phone ring as it's pretty loud up in Section B.

After the game some friends and I went to a really cool sports bar way out past I-10. I was kinda nervous going in, but as soon as we paid the cover it was smooth sailing after that. The beer prices were really cheap and they need more TVs for a Sports Bar, but the scenery wasn't bad at all. If it wasn't so far out I would go more often. I have to make it a regular place to frequent in the future.

Anyway, Law and Order: SVU is on tonight, so I'm going to veg in front of the TV tonight. Sunday is full of racing and maybe going out to the game after it's over.

We'll see.

Can't wait until Monday.

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