Sunday, April 10, 2005

Here comes Monday


This was a pretty good weekend. I got most of the yard mowed and cleaned up. Baseball was pretty fun on Saturday night and the tailgate was nice before the game as well. I gotta stop drinking so hard before the game, because I almost forgot that I walked into the University Center before the game to run to the restroom. I didn't go to the game today because I had to get some work done and I wanted to pickup some more stuff in the backyard before it got dark.

Man, what a great finish to the Masters. I was happy for Tiger. I couldn't root for DiMarrco since he's a Gator, but at least he gave Tiger a run for his money. The shot Tiger made on 16th was nothing short of awesome. I'm sure if given the opportunity I would make the same....right.

Friday came and went pretty easy. Our trainer left Thursday afternoon. I was pretty broken up over it, but I think I'll manage... :) She's been a great help to the guys and me as well. I thought I wouldn't have to talk to her until the next time she came up, but I ended up having to call for help on something that happened Friday. Maybe I was looking for an excuse to call.. :)

Anyway, pretty interesting week coming up at work. Confirmation hearings for our new Commissioner are on Wednesday. That'll be interesting. The last time I heard one of those the guy didn't even know what we did. At least she's got her stuff together.

Okay. I'm completely rambling. I'll end now. Have a nice week.

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