Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Yes I's been a while

Sometimes I like typing and sometimes I don't. If I could just do this via voice it would be so much better, but until I make steal some software to make it happen...this will have to do.

I just have to say...I just finished watching another episode of Desperate Housewives. I am begining to really like this show. There is actually a storyline involved... :)


Had a pretty good weekend. Spent my time back down in Orlando with my best friend and his wife and kids. I have GOT TO STOP with this whole staying out and drinking til the wee hours when I come down there. I am sure it's putting a strain on my friendship with her and my their marriage. When we get together, we can go all over town and talk about things that's on our minds and marriage stuff that we can totally lose track of time...well not till 4a, but I'm sure some of you get the idea...anyway, we spent time at some of our favorite establishments and I wanted to go to Bob Marley's over at CityWalk because Ziggy was playing for Reggae Weekend, but that didn't happen. Maybe next year.

I don't really want to talk about much else of the weekend..let's just say it was long. Some of it was great, but some was really tiring and Monday I was glad to drive back home..wait..I didn't drive back home because I got CALLED INTO WORK WHILE I WAS DRIVING BACK!!


Sorry. That won't happen again.

Well, at least I've been sick this week so I can catch up on my TIVO... :)

Anyway, I don't feel like this anymore, so I better quit. This is probably going to be a boring weekend, so it could be a little before I write again.

See ya.

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