Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What an interesting couple of days...

I am not going to write much, but there is something that I do have to write about.

I was checking my email early this morning before work and I got an email from someone wanting to Link Exchange with me and told me that she saw my site and really liked it and wanted to add me to her's. Well I thought this was a hoax, but it was something in her name that intrigued me, so I took the bait. I clicked on the link and went to the site....THIS SITE ROCKS!!!!

She has a lot of interesting stories. I started reading from the beginning just to see what it's all about and I hate to say it...I am hooked. I am hoping that I might be able to interview her sometime for the blog. She really sounds like an interesting person and hopefully she'll let me into her world as much as possible (or as much as she legally can)

Anyway, if you get a chance I recommend you to take a look...I don't think you will be disappointed....(is that good enough pub??)

Anyway, my favorite online wrestling show is on, so I gotta cut it short.

Sleep well people.

Life is good.


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