Monday, January 17, 2005

I hate Titles....

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

How did I spend my day? Well I spent the morning at work taking care of somethings that I know I can't take care of tomorrow. Don't tell anyone or that would be doing MORE than you're supposed to in State Government. Then I came home and started some much needed laundry and slept. Now I feel like putting the weekend down on paper.

When I first started writing this I was wondering how I was going to take this and where it was going to take me. Originally this place was going to be a bitch-fest kinda thing where I talked about the drama I've been through and at least vent frustration about my friends and other things, but I've been doing some evaluation in the past couple weeks. No matter what you say to someone, people are basically going to do what they want. You can try to give them your opinion and hope your wisdom will help them, but basically they have their own choices to make in their own life. Why am I saying all this?? I dunno....I just felt like saying something smart. How did THAT sound??

I've met some really nice people in the world since I started and think I've made some "round the world" friends. Some people I've met have been absolute assholes and some of them have turned out to be some really nice people that I've actually thrown some ideas and thoughts at to see if I am not too far off center. For that, I thank all of you who have contributed to my well-being and I look forward to more conversations in the upcoming year. I have some real tough decisions to make as far as my future is concerned and ultimately it's my choice I kinda look to some of your for guidance and assistance.

This week I get to meet and old friend/roommate/bitch-buddy for dinner. I honestly can't remember the last time we've seen each other, but I can't wait. We're meeting at the Chief's old stomping grounds...well the name is the same, but they freaking closed down the Pensacola Street location and now it's on the north end of town. I just tried to do a search for it and I can't find it...I wonder if that place is closed down as well?? I guess I might have to get in the car and do a look-see. Anyway, we're still getting together and no matter where we eat a good time will be had....we've got a lot of catching up to do. Now my major decision is whether to actually drink while I am there....we'll see... :)

Anyway, back to this weekend. I decided to put into motion how I want to look in the next few months. I've been walking/jogging for the past couple months, but I really slacked off for the holidays and it was just too damn cold to get out there. If I don't get out and walk I need to do something else, so after one of my walks I went and bought a weight bench. I was going to buy weights the same day, but all of the places I was looking didn't have what I wanted and you basically can't go shopping for anything in this town on Saturday anyway, so I'll go buy them after work tomorrow. I figure that depending on the weather I can get up in the morning and do my walk or do it after work and then try to work out maybe 3 times a week. If I can accomplish this, my goal for weight loss that I had in the questionnaire will be a reality. It's not really that hard because I can lose weight pretty easily. I guess it's my "genetic makeup" or something...or maybe us black people are built for stuff like that (off-quote from Jimmy the Greek, so no flames) Anyway hopefully this will work out for me. I have FSU baseball season to deal with and all the good tailgating that will take place, but I will keep myself in check this year for my goal.

Well I need to get myself motivated to take care of the rest of the laundry and clean this place up. Take care all and have a good week. I don't know how much I can write, but I am going to take a stab at a couple more times.

I guess you'll just have to check in and see won't you??

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets!!

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