Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Happy Holidays

Hi everyone. Yet another short message as I really need to get to the driving range and get some practice in before Friday.

I hope everyone had a great and safe holiday. The Redneck Riviera wasn't snowy, but there was enough cold weather to make a Northerner proud. I haven't woke up to ice on my car in ages.

Helped Mom move more stuff into the mobile home. I think she's decided that she doesn't want to rebuild and just keep the home FEMA delivered. She doesn't want to deal with having another home to build. I can't blame her. It's just her and my brother is staying with my uncle down the street so it's not that big a deal. As long as I have a place to lay my head when I come to visit I don't care what she lives in. I'll love her just the same.

Went over to Pensacola before I left. MAN...the destruction is still overwhelming. Drove across the I-10 bridge that was put back together with pieces of the other side. Got some pics that I will put up hopefully sometime. That wasn't scary, but I was scared for the people crossing the Eastbound span. They've put it back together with temporary steel. It will be a while before it's back to normal, but there is no way in the world I am crossing that. One lane of bridge and only at 30 mph...so I guess when the span gives way you can slowly drop to your death. Anyway, also went over to take pics of a decommission aircraft carrier that Pensacola received. They will be sinking it 20 miles off the Gulf of Mexico (got the spelling right) to make it an artificial reef. It's an old wreck, but I still think that's cool.

I'll try to get the pics out later on...I just need to learn how to upload to my webspace.

Anyway, gotta run.


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