Thursday, November 4, 2004

Is it the weekend yet?


This week has been HORRIBLE. Let's see where to begin....I had a major malfunction at work with all my video equipment. To make things worse, it was our Awards Ceremony and Agenda Conference where it decided to eff up. the only good thing about that was I got my 10 yr plaque (whoo hoo) and everyone was kinda cool. To continue I had to work in our Internal Affairs meeting and all hell broke loose in there too. Not only did all that happen on Tuesday, the election happened.
I really thought Kerry had a shot, but it was not to be. Now we all get back to being Americans and try to make our country stronger, but I think all you're going to hear is some Republicans gloat and say, "I told you so." I can understand children acting like this, but Of all the people I have talked to, no one is acting like brats, except the people on the major television outlets, and talkradio shows. Completely childish. Effing grow up and start working on making this country great again and shut your mouth. All your buddies are in office, lets see what you can do for the middle class. I expect nothing but more tax cuts for wealthy and higher debt. I can understand debt in wartime, but taxcuts are just plain stupid. Fund this war, bring our troops back here to help us out when we are attacked again and stop this over spending. Enough of this shit or I will start to get angry again.
Today was hectic, but not as bad. There was a meeting today about Meter Tampering...yes Meter Tampering. Seems like Target, J.C. Penney, Dillards and a couple stores claim that their meters are spinning faster than normal and they are entitled to a refund. Ever think that keeping those lights on 24/7 contributes to your high bills as well?? Anyway it was completely boring..Just like this blog.
Friday starts all the Homecoming festivities for FSU. I am not participating in anything, but going to the game. I've got to get my strength up for next weekend. This weekend is pretty much a blow off.
I had one of my coworkers come up and give me a big hug and kiss today. She said that she hadn't seen me in a while and just wanted to say hi. I love stuff like that as that's a big ego feed. I don't know if she is someone I'd like to date, but she's a really cool person. She has kids and actually her kids are up there in years, so I wouldn't have to worry about being a really daddy to them. She's got some features that I like too, but I've decided that I will not date someone at work unless I don't see them everyday and there is no drama involved. Been there...Bought the Book. She is really cute....I gotta stop talking myself into stuff...THIS is what gets me into trouble.
Well the Cold and Flu Meds are starting to kick in, so I best call it an evening. If I feel better I'll chat more later and I will talk about my new "private evil thoughts" blog.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's all Republicans gloating. There are no Democrats whining are there? I actually saw a "panel" on MSNBC last night claiming that the death of the REPUBLICAN party is near!

Tax cuts were for everyone last time, not just the wealthy. I'm certainly not rich, and I'm paying less taxes than before.

Quit buying into the propaganda and think for yourself.