Friday, October 29, 2004

I hate Titles...

Just wanted to give a little update on my family as far as the hurricane goes.

  • Talked last night to Mom and everything is out of the house and FEMA is bringing in a mobile home sometime next week.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers came over and placed a "blue roof" over my uncle's place. He's already received a settlement from the insurance company but the contractors are trying to overcharge everyone to do the smallest jobs. I told them to call the Attorney General's office up here and report them and let them know they are being reported. Hopefully they will have someone take care of it soon.
  • My sister is back in her mobile home. I guess the damage wasn't as bad. She has her settlement as well, but hasn't done anything...lazy.
  • My uncle in Pensacola actually has the least amount of damage compared to where he's located. The Corps came by and placed a blue roof over his place as well and the contractors will come soon. The biggest problem over there is a lack of contractors and the ones that are working are price gouging. It sucks

Anyway, talked to mom last night for a long time. She asked if I had read any of the letters. I've read a couple of them and to listen to my father it's amazing that he's done as well as he has. Back then he was pretty screwed up, but he's a good man. She was telling me how he thinks that I am upset with him about everything. Look, it sucked that I didn't have a father growing up, but my mother is a strong person and she raised me pretty well. I could never be mad at him, disappointed yes, but not mad. The only thing that I ask of him now is that if he wants a relationship with me and the rest of his family that he has to make an effort. I was happy that he was part of my wedding and we talked for a long time and got a lot of things straightened out back then, but it's been a while since we've talked. Maybe I'll call him once I get back from R&R.

I love you Dad....

Well, I am out in a little while for some needed time off away from this town. I like a lot of things about this town, but it has no nightlife and no least women that I am interested in. At least in Orlando, Tampa or Atlanta you can come up and talk to a complete stranger and carry a conversation without thinking you're going to ask to sleep with them...guess it's the mentality here...I forget this is a college town sometimes. I still haven't received any good bites from Monster yet, except for early on and I wasn't ready to commit yet (story of my life). Hopefully things will pickup after Thanksgiving. By then I will have all the quotes on getting everything fixed in the house and then I can place it on the market.

Well I need to run. I've got people to babysit in my Hearing Room and drive to Orlando. Depending on what happens this weekend I'll Blog while I down there.


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