Friday, September 10, 2004

Today is Game Day...finally!


Today is the day....FSU v. Miami.

We SHOULD kick their ass, but I fear Jeff Bowden will screw this up. This is the last chance to Chirs Rix to be a hero or a goat. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I have faith in him tonight.

More at 11.

I am so ready for this game to happen. I wanted to come to Orlando to see it with my friends, but I am stuck up here. There was Golf to be played today, beer to be consumed tonight, but now I am going to stay up here and watch the game. Haven't decided on where I am watching and who I am watching with. Oh well...plans will happen.

I have a good weekend planned. I am supposed to be going down to a friends house to party during the afternoon and play poker that night. I'll lose my $11.25 again, but I don't care. I have a great time with these guys. I am getting close to learning this game. I can play, but I have problems reading people. And I am trying to do it the right way..but watching them, not looking at their cards after their hand.

I still have my backyard to clear...MAN, there is a lot of stuff back there. I need the exercise, but geesh. But I want it to look presentable for next weekend. Tony and Laurin are coming into town. I can't wait. I've got something special planned for them...stay tuned.

Did I say that I need to get laid??

Well I have invoices on my desk to sign off so I better do those so I can ramble more this afternoon.


Current Mood: Incredibly Happy
Current Music: Actually I am listening to Shannon Burke with WTKS out of Orlando on the Internet

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