Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Sorry it took so long

(this is the second time I am writing this because I lost power last night while I was writing this)

Before I even start on my weekend exploits I was IMing a friend of mine and she told me some disturbing news. She was thinking about staying in Orlando during the storm that is coming. She said originally that she would just stay there because of work and just ride it out with the cat. She's now changed her tune, but to even say something like that to begin with completely boggles my mind. I would NEVER put myself in ANY danger if I had the opportunity to leave. Screw work, you can get another can't get another life...and if your work doesn't understand then maybe its not the place you need to be working because obviously they don't care about their employees. Even now her tone is still, if I feel the need to still boggles my mind. I pray for her and hope she will be okay, but I am going to wash my hand of it...

Now back to what I started to write last night before the power went out...

Hi there.

What a weekend!! I think I need a vacation from my weekend.

It started as a really shitty weekend until I left work at 3p. I came home and took a quick cat nap. When I woke up, my friend called me and told me that he was about 10 minutes away. He made INCREDIBLE time. When he arrived we sat around, caught up on things then started to have a couple of beers. Then I called one of my other friends and we went to Hooters for some drinks, some dinner and some eye candy. (Hooters never disappoints) After a nice time there, we decided to go to AJs for more drinks and a little more eye candy (AJs never disappoints either) While I was there I came to a realization...I AM OLD!! Needless to say I tossed them back like the best of them.

The women there were absolutely smokin', but then I felt like a dirty old man lusting after these youngins. Some of these kids were not even born when I started High School....Still I still talked to a few girls and dropped back from shots from the hot shooter girl. I don't even remember what time it was, but our friend from Knoxville called and said he was at my place and wanted to go out. We left the bar, dropped off the guy at Hooters and then we went back to my place. We probably shouldn't have gone back out since we had to be at the golf course at 10a, but since he hadn't been out in months I think it was my civic duty to take him out.

We drove to CJs to get him some drinks and to catch up. During our drunken stupor, we called some old buddies in different time zones to just to see what was up and that's what you do when you're drunk. We got ahold of our friend in Phoenix and shot the shit for a while. I was amazed that he was actually out of the house...he never goes anywhere. After talking to him we got ahold of another friend in Nebraska. Talking to him for a while we then we're basically kicked out of the bar, since it was close to 2a. After getting home we had a couple beers and some veggies and then passed out.

8:30 came WAY to quick. We all actually showed up to the Golf Course on time and proceeded to have the first FIFL Invitational. A great time was had by all and I wasn't as bad as I thought I was. I finally broke 120 (HEY...that's a feat for me) After spending most of the morning and some of the afternoon out we went back to the house for some beer and R&R before we went out for dinner.

We met up with a bunch of people at BW3s (a really nice Sports Bar in Tally) and had dinner. During dinner we proceeded to get absolutely hammered...then the fun started. Some of our friends had left and I was going to the bar to grab some more beers and I heard some shouting. They next thing I knew...wait...I need to preface this before I tell everything.

There was a black guy who was deaf that came into the bar. It seemed like the bartenders and wait staff knew who he was and waved as he walked in. He was walking around the resturant shaking hands with people and just being basically friendly and not really bothering anyone. He came by our table, shook everyone hands, and was basically telling us that outside the police had chased someone and shot someone in the leg across the street. I saw the cop cars, so I believed him....anyway back to the story....

He was in the back of the bar shaking some people's hands and some preppy asshole obviously didn't like him touching him so he got in his face. The guys pulled away then the next thing I see was the deaf guy get punched by the asshole. The bartender jumps the bar and I jumped behind the bar. I was in no mood to get anywhere near a fight and lose my job (conduct unbecoming a State Employee) It was pretty quick and the deaf guy was screaming and they pulled the preppy ass away. Some big fat guy in red got in the preps face and as the fat guy turned away the prep slugged him. Some drama queen who wasn't even touched hit the floor rolling and then both guys got thrown out. The cops showed up...grabbed the deaf guy to calm him down, arrested the prep and gave the fat guy a warning. One of the chick bartenders goes running outside to tell the cops they can't drag his ass out before he pays his bill because she doesn't want to eat it. After this we decided to get out.

We came back to my place to listen to some 80s music (for some reason people think I love Madonna) and we drank more beer and had some veggies. We called our friend in Nebraska again so he could talk some more to some friends of ours....I don't think we went to bed until 3 or 4a.

Sunday was our annual FIFL Draft. Basically we conduct it just like the NFL. People draft players to make a football team and we submit rosters each week and we play each other. Through the technology we used we were able to bridge 2 people that were not in town. I think it was the fastest draft we ever had. After the draft we all went to Sonny's for dinner and then people started leaving town. Before my 2 friends left we came back to the house for a night of darts and more beer.

Monday came way too soon. I had to go to work so I couldn't see them out, but I got phone calls while I was working. I miss them already, but I will probably see some of them this weekend as the storm approaches. Please say a prayer before you go to bed and let God know these people need to be taken care of.

Well that's it. It was even more last night, but I thought that some things just don't need to be said. (for my friend that reads this....poo)

Like I said, say a prayer for those people in harms way.

Good night now!!!

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