Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts


I've been thinking long and hard about shaving my mustache and goatee. As anyone knows I'm hard with change. It took me a good 6 years to change from my "Kid 'n Play" haircut to the short haircut that I have now... :) I've had something on my face ever since High School. I never had a goatee but I thought as I got older, and I could actually grow more hair on my face, that it was a natural progression for me. But I've had this style for quite sometime and now I feel like it's time for a change again.

The only thing about change for me is settling in after I make my changes...(guess that's explains why I haven't dated in a while) but now that my responsibilities for picture taking for weddings are complete I think I can go ahead with it. I'm also superstitious and with it being Miami Week I'm kinda concerned about it as well but with a new era in FSU football should start a new era in myself...I'll spend one more night with hair on my face and tomorrow I'll show the new me...let me know what you think.. :)

Airplane flying over the house very low.....

I'm so happy to be off the remainder of the week. I've been working a lot of hours lately and management has graciously let me take the rest of the week to recharge my batteries. I put in a request to attend a seminar around the end of the month which will make a busy last week of October because I'll want to see friends in Orlando and also get back up to Tally for the BeerFest and for a Halloween party I want to go to. I just know things are going to be crazy and I'm going to miss on some people but that just means I'll have to catch them next time. I wish I could clone myself so I could send my clone to the seminar and hang out with my friends around FL but I don't think the State would appreciate that too much... ;)

A friend of mine taught me a trick on taking quickie naps. She told me to sleep on top of the covers, get a box fan or something that gives you a constant noise and make sure the temp is cool. Well, I tried it after I got home from work, minus the fan but adding another cover because i can't sleep without a blanket on top of me and OH MY GOODNESS that was the best nap I've had in FOREVER!!! Thanks my Milton buddy for giving me a new outlook on sleeping...I'll be using this technique from now on!!

Well I could write so much more because I've got some thoughts on other things but I'll save them for another time. Nothing now is safe since I'm writing again...It's like a new found therapist for me.

Until next time...

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets!!

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