Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

Hello. I didn't know that yesterday was my 200th Blog. That probably should have happened a LONG time ago. Anyway..now here's 201...

After dinner I decided to not go home right away. That usually happens anyway but this evening I ate over on the Westside of town. I normally don't like being near students, especially this week, but I decided while I was over there to go take a look at the "White House".

2017 Bellvue Way.

That place was special in SO many ways. Even though we didn't have Central Heat, or Air, we shared some really good memories in that house. From the "Move-In" party, the "Unofficial Marching Chiefs Alumni Homecoming Party", to burning our furniture when we had no money for heat, the bitching and complaining and even when the snake got out of the cage and D found him sometime later....that house taught all of us how to get along and be friends. It was The Real World!! I have to admit I was pretty jaded about living with people after our lease ended but shortly after I could honestly say I missed them and wished we were back together..but probably in a bigger house!!

I could go on and on about that place but I can save it for another time so I think I'll end it here.

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets!

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