Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Ramblings


I noticed (and some others as well) that I hadn't blogged in a while so I should at least catch people up on what's going on.
  • I've had one of my employees retire after 35 years of State Service. He was my moral compass at work. I wasn't able to be half the person I was at work without him being there. I hope that he will apply for the job when I'm able to advertise it. I hadn't heard anything as of Friday but it was his last day.
  • I talked to an old friend the other day. I hadn't talked to her in over 20 years. She was the first person I loved. I had been hesitant to talk to her. We actually reconnected a few years ago but I hadn't wanted her to call me or I didn't want to call her. To be honest, I still had some resentment from the way everything went down a long time ago. After I loaded Skype I noticed that she was a member so I decided to send her a note. She said...maybe we should talk sometime. I wasn't going to but then I decided, what really is going to happen if I talk to her? The world is not going to come to an end...I'm not going to have some old feelings from the past pop up so I said I'll call you. We talked Saturday for about an hour and it was the best thing I did yesterday. We talked about old times, politics, and her family in Mexico. I also got to see how she looks like and saw her mother as well. Everyone knows that I really don't like talking on the phone but after yesterday...maybe I'll call a few more people on Skype. If you want to talk to me, send me a note and I'll send you my name.
  • I'm also learning a lot from my old friends as well. My "little sis" and I were talking today and she sent me a note. I'm not going to copy the whole thing but there was one passage that I thought I wanted to share: "Some people only understand life at that proverbial second grade level. These people appear close minded or narrow minded to others. They have a hard time grasping concepts that others, who are farther along in their knowledge of life, easily understand. So when someone who has a broad understanding of life (like a teacher) is talking to a close minded person (2nd grader) they have to simplify things to words and ideas the "younger" person can understand. When these words are not really accurate at all, but you have to start somewhere. I think you are one of those who has a higher understanding of life in general. This leads to the term old soul. Some may not understand it, but when two people such as ourselves meet we can tell that we have a lot in common even if we don't understand how or why or what. " I always like to think that I can speak to anyone at any level and everyone understands where I'm coming from. Reading this, and what she said afterward made me realize that I think I am. I've spoken to people with degrees that make my head hurt but I can also speak to that person that digs a ditch for a living...and I don't mind talking to either at anytime. I was always raised that if you treat people with respect no matter who they'll receive your reward when it matters. I know I'll get that...but I really want a reward at work.. :)
Anyway this starts a new month an employee short but with an optimism that a lot of good things are awaiting me. I hope you come along with me on the ride.

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets

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