Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Ramblings


People that know me will tell you that people always talk to me. Whether it's having drinks, dinner, or driving down the street people will always acknowledge my presence (hence the reason I wanted to run for Mayor until my 25 things blog) but I think I have the beginnings of where it started:

Back in High School all of us in the Gifted Program scheduled a trip to New York for "cultural purposes". I can remember going to the Chrysler Building, The Twin Towers, going to see Cats, Noises Off and just having a great time on our trip. On the way back we stopped in Atlantic City. It wasn't like any of us could drink but it was a good break (probably for the chaperones). While walking around a bunch of us went to a clothing shop. In that shop they had a jacket that looked like the jacket Michael Jackson wore in Beat It. Well, because I was mighty thin back then and I had somewhat of a "fro" I tried on the jacket and a pair of shades. I asked the store keeper if I could walk around for a while outside. I gave them my license so I took a walk down the Boardwalk. I can remember a TON of people coming up to me calling me Michael and asking for my autograph...It was freaking hilarious...and I guess because my name IS Michael I wasn't fibbing when I signed my name Michael on people's stuff.

I know I'm lame but that's all I have.

Random Thought(s):

What have you done for a friend? Have you taken the time to listen? Not just small talk but REALLY listen?

I know I don't practice what I preach all the time but I am learn everyday.

I'm avoiding sending an email to a friend because because I have to be honest about some things. I hope they see it from me as not bitching but just an inquiry.

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets

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Ann said...

Don't hold back, and don't worry. If the friend is true, they will appreciate your honesty. If they are offended, any and all questions you may have had will have been answered.